“We paid for a squid sandwich the price of Iranian caviar”

Posted: Thursday July 22 2021 9:31 AM

This Wednesday, Spain paid the most expensive electricity price in history. A fact that the leader of Compromís, Joan Baldoví, harshly criticized in his speech yesterday in Congress where, precisely, the government’s proposal to lower VAT on the electricity bill was debated.

In his speech, the representative emphasizes the power companies and maintains that the government is “doing little”. In this sense, he wonders why the cost of electricity is so affected by a single source of energy, like gas, and is not priced more competitively. Given this, Baldoví even goes so far as ironically with the squid sandwich, to show the incongruity.

“Is water in swamps more expensive? Is the sun more expensive than last year? Uranium? Wind ? No. And yet we are the ones who pay for the most expensive electricity. the price of Iranian caviar, ”explains the leader.

For Baldoví, the answer to these questions is “clear”, and insists that the profits of the power companies have been intact in recent months. He also recalls that “we pay all the electricity at the price of gas”, which is why he takes up his metaphor: “Why don’t we pay for the squid sandwich what the squid sandwich costs, and for the sandwich? Iberian what the Iberian? Why don’t we pay for electricity at the price of hydroelectricity, nuclear power, photovoltaics or wind power? Why are we paying for this? », He laments.

At the same time, the head of Compromís wanted to send a final message asking for more action from the executive: “The government is doing little. These are fixes and we must put an end to this scam once and for all, with this scam, to do, an audit to find out what it costs to produce light and pay for what it is really worth, ”he concludes.

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