“We saw a purchase of three defectors as if it were a sale of slaves”

The secretary of the organization of the PSOE and Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Abalos, indicated that “the purchase of three setbacks” in the region of Murcia proceeded “as s ‘it was a sale of slaves “. “We saw how in Murcia, in the public square, as if it were a sale of slaves, a purchase of three setbacks was made”, criticized Abalos this Saturday during his speech during a telematic meeting with socialist mayors. In this context, the socialist underlined that it is such “misery” in the negotiations of the People’s Party that it “is difficult to face it”.

“Now these are dark, dimly lit offices where people are assessed,” he added. “This week, we have seen without any shame how politicians were bought, who surrendered to an organization in which they signed loyalty, commitment,” said Abalos, stressing that the anti-transfuguism pact “there are those who spend it as they want “and that” in addition, that makes it a virtue “. For the secretary of the organization of the PSOE, the relationship between the PP and the citizens was “very toxic”. In this sense, he asked the Orange formation if it could “put up with the humiliation” that the popular made it by “openly inviting” its militants to join its formation. “We would tell him that they are retracting or that there is no pact anywhere. Dignity must also find a place in political life,” he said.

According to him, this week the PP “showed a lot of things”, like that “it is still the usual PP” although “they don’t want to talk about the things they don’t want to talk about”. Thus, he warned that “it is the same party” and that they act “according to what they have learned and according to the number one objective, which is to retain power with whomever and whatever”. In the same vein, he stressed that “there is no PP before or now” since, in his opinion, those of today “grew up in the traditional nursery of PP. “where” they still have a lot of their referrals “. “Those who believed they were betting on regeneration only paid more for degeneration,” he said. The socialist also indicted citizens, stressing that “if someone was left in the center, at the moment he was poisoned and in a very bad situation”.

“We have seen how toxic a PP relationship is to any training. Swallow the partner, despise him, humiliate him,” he said. In this sense, he affirmed that Ciudadanos had become “a staff on which to rely on the PP” and that as soon as the orange formation claims its autonomy as an organization and the autonomy of the political project “it is while the PP calls them traitors. “. “What we see with this marketing is that there are no values. The legislature is respected especially when there are no objective causes. All ideology implies a moral scale, moral principles, anyone who does not have this has no limits and we see it is between so much commitment to pragmatism, ”he criticized.

Referring to the possible elections in the Community of Madrid, Abalos defended that “now is not the time to vote” and regretted that they make Madrid “more and more small, whatever the periphery, of the municipalities” . According to him, the candidacy of the Popular Party of the Community of Madrid “will not have an absolute majority”, therefore “they have only one option to govern, with the extreme right”. “It is obvious that it is recommended, the only option of the PP is an alliance with the extreme right”, he specified.

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