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A few days before its release, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade was approached. This revised version of FF VII Remake, currently available exclusively for PlayStation 5, includes a new level of difficulty, graphics options, visual improvements … convenience functions that come with a completely new scenario. This segment, called Intermission, follows the adventures of Yuffie, the only playable character in this expansion. We’ve seen some gameplay footage from this episode, so we’ll give you our thoughts before our final verdict when the game releases. Square Enix sent us a 12 minute gameplay video showing various aspects of the gameplay and Yuffie’s adventure. The gameplay video presented to us consists of several segments. The first of them is just the beginning of the adventure. We find the ninja armed with their giant shuriken determined to steal a powerful Shinra-like matter. To that end, she plans to join members of Avalanche, including her future teammate Sonon. This start of the game is an opportunity to discover Yuffie’s various skills. This ninja is more agile than the base team, has different movement tools and climbs obstacles with ease. This mobility is of course linked to contextual action, and therefore we cannot go through everything, as is the case, for example, in an Assassin’s Creed. Yuffie’s Shuriken are very useful during exploration phases as they can destroy boxes or collect items remotely. Practically. Hopefully this feature will be used in some puzzles or to activate the mechanics. In combat, these shuriken seem to offer increased dynamics compared to other protagonists. Once launched, Yuffie can choose to restore it or plunge it on its target to chain it both in the air and on the ground. This dynamic becomes even clearer when Yuffie forms a duet with Sonon. This ally fights alone and requires no player intervention. However, with the simple press of the L2 button, the duo can team up to create devastating combos. So Sonon can project our ninja onto allies or simply attack in a coordinated manner to cause maximum damage. By combining this technique with the already very effective stunning system of FF VII Remake, the battles of this expansion are very pleasant and promise nice moments of tactical action. known places. Whenever a new factory is introduced to us, part of this game sequence takes place in the shanty town of Sector 7. The few arenas presented on their site didn’t seem devilishly exotic to us. However, we will have to wait for the final version of the game to confirm the variety of locations encountered and the proportion of new content. Because we got to see some side quests too. A turtle fan asks young Yuffie to find 6 of her flyers in Sector 7. If this mission doesn’t seem very exciting, we’re more likely to be seduced by the return of the Fort Condor mini-game. The latter has obviously been completely revised. This conquest mini-game takes place on a board and asks the player to advance a few units on the board to get rid of those of the enemy by giving simple orders to his units. Not enough to top the experience, but it can always be a nice side. Finally, the demo ends with a boss fight against a Gigantipede, a giant mechanical worm that sends multiple projectiles and drones to attack the player. This fight was an opportunity to appreciate the duo’s impressive combinations. The camera doesn’t seem hesitant to move back to allow for legibility of the action despite the boss’s size, which is good news. This confrontation ends thanks to the invocation of Ramuh, who calms the robot with his lightning strike. We’ll end with the music that, in addition to the epic orchestral tracks, allows a few gaps for less intense fights. The action phases of Yuffie are accompanied by jazz bebop, which combines wonderfully with the dashing personality of the young ninja. This extension therefore seems to benefit from a generally lighter tone that is very personable. It is difficult to give a clear opinion on the gameplay sequence that we were shown. It will be necessary to pick up the title to confirm the solidity of this enlargement. We can’t wait to take control of Yuffie and spin the screen, however, as the base game’s already very solid fights seem enriched. By Aubin_Gregoire, journalist MP

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