“We see digitization as an opportunity to improve the way people live and work”

RRHHDigital was able to speak with Diego Martn on ‘Coffee Break’, the first TV program dedicated to HR

Diego Martn, Director of Human Resources and RRLL at HPE, in Coffee Break: “We see digitization as an opportunity to improve the way people live and work”

If there is one clear protagonist of the past year, it is digitization as a means of survival for businesses and the labor market in its broadest sense. The need to avoid social contact but maintain interpersonal relationships has made digitization more democratic and normalized than ever.

During the last Coffee Break program, we had the pleasure of discussing this new phenomenon with Diego Martn, HR and RRLL director at HPE Iberia. According to him, he stressed, “digitization is here to stay and is progressing rapidly. And it has endless advantages: it helps us to make decisions, to manage teams more efficiently … Digitization makes us have a lot more time and that the work is much easier, provided it is used well. “.

However, despite the many possibilities and opportunities that digitalization and technology offer us, the greatest fear in the workplace is that these same machines will, in the not too distant future, be the ones that will replace us in our jobs. Can they be able to carry out our tasks to the point of taking away our jobs? In this sense, Diego knows what is the key to maintaining the adequate link between technology and man: “digitization must be put at the service of professionals and not the other way around. This is one of the important keys to take into account. is for the people and not against them, we must always remember this. “

The HPE company is a clear example of how to use technology and how we can harness the rise of digitization for the benefit of our team and our business. “Human nature, in case it rejects change, we are often afraid of the unknown. But at HPE, we see this as an opportunity to try to improve the way people live and work, through technology, ”says the director of human resources. and RRLL at HPE.

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