“We seek well-being both inside and outside of work”

“We seek the development and growth of employees, but at the same time we care about their health and well-being”

ALD Automotive’s 360º project, among the best valued at the 7th RRHHDigital Health and Company Award: “We seek well-being both inside and outside the workplace”

Just before Christmas, RRHHDigital handed down the verdict of the 7th Health and Business Award, an award intended to recognize best initiatives and practices in occupational health and employee care. In the competition, the project sent by ALD Automotive, a vehicle rental company for businesses and professionals, was recognized by the jury and included among the three best works of the 78 received in this seventh edition, in which the winning company was Securitas Direct .

And a few weeks ago, the second prize went to ALD Automotive, which took place at the company’s headquarters under strict safety measures and protocols. Unlike in previous years, the pandemic did not allow a face-to-face event to be held, so the presentation of the various prizes will take place at the headquarters of recognized companies, as was done in ALD Automotive, by a formal act with all the necessary health and safety guarantees.

A committee of people made up of representatives of the organizing company, RRHHDigital as well as Gympass and Gi Group, sponsors of this seventh edition of the RRHHDigital Health and Company Award, went to the headquarters of ALD Automotive in Majadahonda in Madrid to realize the delivery event.

More specifically, the committee was composed of José Luis Tallón, Managing Director of Ediciones Digitales Siglo 21 (publishing company of RRHHDigital media), Federico de Vicente, CEO of Gympass Iberia, and Raúl Berrueco, KAM of Gi Group Corporate Accounts in Spain, They were responsible for delivering the prize. The award-winning company received the Noemí Ruiz, Human Resources Director at ALD Automotive, alongside Ester Díez, Head of Talent, Culture and Internal Communication, and Celia Muñoz, Training and Culture Technician.

From RRHHDigital we were able to speak precisely with Ester Díez and Celia Muñoz, responsible for the sent project, who tells us what were the main points of the work and how they have adapted, from ALD Automotive to the different situations that the coronavirus pandemic has provoked, both in the face of its employees as well as its customers.

The 7th Health and Business Prize would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors Gi Group, Cigna, Gympass and BMW Madrid. In this seventh edition, 78 companies presented their projects, with Securitas Direct winning followed by Aon and ALD Automotive. From these lines, we would like to thank the participating companies and the sponsors for their support and participation.

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