“We Spaniards feel more secure”

Updated: Thursday, December 24, 2020 3:33 PM

Published on: 12/24/2020 13:29

Pedro Sánchez and Margarita Robles addressed, as every year on Christmas Eve, to members of the armed forces to express their gratitude for their work during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as in other missions in which they are assigned.

In a message recorded due to the health crisis, the President of the Government and the Minister of Defense acknowledged the work of the military, stressing the importance of Operation Balmis – which began last March due to the pandemic COVID- 19-.

“Many of you participated in Operation Balmis. You have helped all the compatriots and you have also deployed abroad to help many others who need you. You are an example of service in Spain, ”said Pedro Sánchez.

Robles spoke along the same lines, highlighting the pride they feel in their work. “We are very proud of all of you, of your work. This year, in the pandemic, you have been on the front line, putting your own health at risk on several occasions ”, he stressed.

“They leave the Spanish flag very high, there is no better representation, nobler and more dignified than what you are doing, which is to fight for peace,” added the Minister of Defense.

Likewise, the chairman of the executive, who is ending his isolation today after coming into contact with a positive for the coronavirus, stressed that they represent “a modern armed force of the 21st century and that they are leading a real and discreet work in the service of democracy. “.

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