We spoke to the Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Lab: “It will be distributed extremely quickly”

Posted: Friday, December 4, 2020 4:44 PM

Pedro Sánchez predicts that in June, between 15 and 20 million people will be vaccinated against COVID-19. While waiting for this moment, a team from LaSexta spoke with IRBM, the laboratory in charge of producing the Oxford vaccine for Europe.

Its CEO, Matteo Liguori, explains that the doses will be “immediately available after receiving approval from the European Medicines Agency”. At the moment, 50 million doses are ready.

Liguori assures that the vaccine “will be distributed in Europe in extremely fast times” and everything indicates that it will reach all the countries at the same time.

The advantage of the Oxford vaccine over others would be its easy logistics, in addition to its price: it will cost a little less than three euros.

From this Italian laboratory, where 250 people have worked tirelessly for months, they estimate that in 2021 we can start to recover our lives. They estimate that their vaccine, like that of Pfizer or Moderna, will start being injected in Europe in January.

Who each gets will depend on the type of vaccine and the group or type of people that will work the most. “This is not a bar debate,” says the CEO of IRBM, who maintains that “effectiveness will be defined by regulators” and that “we have to do what the doctors say”.

Its effectiveness, he emphasizes, is very high in the elderly and in patients likely to have very serious contagion.

According to preliminary data, the Oxford vaccine has an average efficacy of 70%. However, it uses technology that is already known, it does not require deep freezing, it is cheaper and is already mass produced.

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