we talk about gender equality and we analyze unemployment data and its evolution

Don’t miss the launch of ‘Coffee break’: we talk about gender equality and analyze unemployment data and its evolution

This Monday, we are in premiere. RRHHDigital launches “Coffee break”, the first television program specializing in human resources. Each week, we will tackle the essential aspects of current events in HR and in the world of work through interviews, interviews, debates, expert analyzes … and different sections in which, of course, we have experts in the people management industry. and in the different subjects that, every Monday, we will deal with in this new format.

On this Monday March 8, the day to commemorate International Women’s Day, we cannot miss the opportunity to talk about gender equality, women’s empowerment and leadership, the wage gap … We we were able to talk about all this., in “Un cafĂ© con …”, with Mirian Izquierdo, president of the Woman Forward Foundation, on such a special day and where the importance of continuing to fight for equality between women and men. women and men at all levels is justified. And that obviously includes the world of work.

In addition, like every Monday, we review the news of the week in the section “Today we are talking about …”. On this occasion, and with the help of the Adecco Group Institute, we analyzed the unemployment data for the month of February, published last week, and Javier Blasco himself, director of the Adecco Group research center, detailed the forecast for the following months, with a new de-escalation process already underway, Easter, the summer before …

And in this first ‘Coffee Break’ program, Eduardo Vizcano, president of Ediciones Digitales Siglo 21, welcomes this new format, this new audiovisual project in a year that marks the 15th anniversary of RRHHDigital. With him, we review, since its origins, how the benchmark media has evolved in the human resources sector and we appreciate the launch of this new television program dedicated to the people management sector.

To top it off, like every week, we discover our viewers’ opinions through the ‘On the radar’ section, announcing the question of the week and reviewing the most commented on social networks.

Don’t miss the premiere of Coffee Break!

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