We tested Game Pass on an Android tablet for a little over 100 euros

The world of video games is changing, it’s a fact and now it looks like we are preparing for a drastic change. Cloud gaming is coming in earnest, after the bet from Stadia and Nvidia now come the proposals from Microsoft and Amazon. We wanted to try out Xbox Game Streaming or xCloud on an affordable Android tablet.

Play Xbox on a Gravity SPC

Phil Spencer himself had indicated that we could play anywhere and on any device. And we put his words to the test on a cheap tablet that the guys at SPC gave us for testing.

The reality is SPC gravity which holds up perfectly to games with HellBlade Senua’s Sacrifice, Ori and the Will of Wisps and barely heats up. It’s still astonishing that it works so well and eliminates the need for a very expensive tablet.

With Xbox Cloud Gaming, we can play endless games on Android, no matter what hardware we are using. If a good connection is needed. Initially, I did the tests with my iPhone XR and the connection was insufficient to make it look good. This tells us that 5G has its purpose and that for home gaming it can be a great alternative and much more affordable.

In addition, Microsoft will soon replace the Xbox One S on its servers with more powerful hardware for an even better experience. The leap that technology has made is amazing and how, something that was once considered impossible is now a reality.

In 2021, we know that Xbox Cloud Gaming will reach PCs with Windows 10 and iOS devices. Additionally, Phil Spencer has indicated that he wants it to reach televisions as well. This way we can play Xbox games anywhere. Great news for anyone who likes to gamble.

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