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You’ll agree that sweeping or vacuuming the house isn’t always a pleasure. Fortunately, autonomous robotic vacuums are there to make our lives easier! These new devices have been on the market for some time and it must be admitted that manufacturers have made tremendous technological advances in recent years.

Today we can find models at all prices, from 100 to 500 euros for the most expensive. Some devices can vacuum dry while others only wash with detergent and a damp mop. Today we also find hybrid models that can do both at the same time, as is the case with the Hobot Leege 7, which we will present and test to you today.

Sober packaging. Image credit: Merieme for Neozone

A high-tech vacuum cleaner

The Hobot Leege 7 is a standalone vacuum cleaner that has everything that makes a perfect device, if we believe its technical data sheet. It includes a powerful laser rangefinder that allows you to map the house, a patented FastBrush cleaning system in 4 stages (vacuum, scrub, dry wipe and water-water spray).

The vacuum cleaner also has an intelligent cleaning system with which it can plan the best cleaning route. It also includes several sensors that allow the vacuum cleaner to adapt perfectly to all configurations of a house or apartment. The Legee 7 robotic vacuum cleaner uses 4 nozzles located directly under the device so that it can spray the product evenly onto the 2 cloths, which can vibrate up to 900 times per minute.

Features and cleaning methods

The Hobot Leege 7 offers several cleaning methods, a dry mode, a polishing mode, a standard mode, an intensive mode and finally an animal mode. You can choose between the offered suction functions or create a specific mode yourself using the application’s “customizable mode”.

A brushless suction system. Image credit: Merieme for Neozone

For the suction function, the Hobot Leege 7 offers up to 2700 Pa suction power, an output that is largely sufficient. Either way, it promises to get rid of all kinds of dust and grime. And like all robots of this type, the Hobot Leege 7 automatically recharges itself as soon as the battery becomes weak. As soon as the charging process is complete, the device immediately resumes cleaning where it left off …

Battery, autonomy and capacities

The Hobot Leege 7 is equipped with a 4500mAh Li-Ion battery, which means that it can cover an impressive area of ​​approx. 240m². The latter is not only powerful, but also offers very good autonomy. Finally, as far as the capacity of the containers is concerned, the water tank can hold up to 340 ml of water, while the dust container can hold up to 0.5 l of dirt.

A very practical hood. Image credit: Merieme for Neozone

Unpack and design

The vacuum cleaner comes with a power supply unit, 1 water bottle, 2 washable and reusable microfiber cloths at the front and 2 at the back, 1 pack of spray nozzles, 1 charging station, 1 user manual, 2 HEPA filters, 1 waterproof mat, 2 side brushes, 1 warranty card. The metal blue vacuum cleaner has an elegant and atypical design with its semicircular shape.

Several spare parts. Image credit: Merieme for Neozone

The Hobot Leege 7 vacuum cleaner comes without a remote control, which is far from unaffordable as they are actually really useless. The wet cleaning bin is attached to the vacuum cleaner structure, while the dust bin is removable and accessible by lifting the top cover of the robot.

A modern and rather original design. Image credit: Merieme for Neozone

The vertical and front charging cradle is unweighted, but has a transparent bracket with adhesive tape to hold it correctly on the floor. All vacuum cleaners should come with these types of accessories …

A complicated mobile app to install …

We come to a topic that is a little irritating. If we refer to the manual, it is enough to install the Hobot Legee application to pair the robot with its smartphone and the home WiFi, except that … The application is absolutely incompatible with the device. After about fifteen minutes, we checked whether another application was not available in the store and that there was indeed a second application with the sober title Hobot, which, however, is also incompatible.

4 different applications….

We therefore decided to scan the QR code written in the manual, which will redirect us to the Legee 7 application, which was finally able to recognize the autonomous vacuum cleaner. It was long and arduous, it is not really good … However, with the right application it is (almost) no problem. The device is compatible with the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. Pairing is done in seconds with no difficulty.

Lots of functions. Image credit: Merieme for Neozone

After pairing, the application will offer to update the device with the latest available firmware. As you can see below, we never got there….

If it doesn’t want to … Photo credit: Merieme for Neozone

Apart from the updates, the application works quite well. It has the usual functions such as programming, selection of the cleaning mode, a cleaning protocol and a status tab. Note that it is also possible to control the Hobot Leege 7 by voice via Google Home and Alexa.

Impressive suction power but not very agile …

The Hobot Leege 7 vacuum robot generally fulfills its obligations, whether for vacuuming or wet washing. The vacuum cleaner has enough suction power to overcome dust and animal hair (see video at the end of the article). The autonomous robot is not very loud (approx. 70 db) and manages to squeeze into every corner and avoid most of the obstacles. However, even with a short pile, you have some difficulty getting through door sills and carpets.

A rather discreet robot. Image credit: Merieme for Neozone

And the price?

For the price you have to pay just under 550 € for this vacuum cleaner. We find it a bit expensive when we weigh its not insignificant qualities and shortcomings.


The Hobot Leege 7 vacuum cleaner has several very interesting features. It’s powerful, quiet, and overall effective. It’s compatible with 5 GHz wifi which is pretty cool. However, it lacks a bit of agility to overcome small obstacles and the manual deserves a serious update.


Installation / first steps


Energy efficiency


Quality / price ratio


The Hobot Leege 7 vacuum cleaner has several very interesting features. It’s powerful, quiet, and overall effective. It’s compatible with 5 GHz wifi which is pretty cool. However, it lacks a bit of agility to overcome small obstacles and the manual deserves a serious update.

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