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We’re lucky (or unlucky) to have a crazy gamer in our household! PC games, console games, anything goes! So when we were contacted to test some new products from Verbatim, the famous memory brand introduced into gaming a few months ago, we agreed.

We received a mouse, a mouse pad and a laptop cooler. Tested and retested for over a month, the crazy gamer’s verdict is final: WHAOU too good! So that sums up his opinion on the products tested. Returns in detail for each of the products received!

The small SUREFIRE Silent Flight RGB-320 gaming mouse pad

The mouse pad has edges that are illuminated by RGB LEDs, adjustment is possible depending on the game configuration. Multi-colored lighting can be adjusted without software, 14 models are available by selecting with the button on the top of the pad. The last game configuration remains in memory.

The small SUREFIRE Silent Flight RGB-320 gaming mouse pad. Photo credit: Nathalie for Neozone

Regardless of the mouse used, the mat is optimized for all sensor sensitivity settings for optical and laser mice. Its micro-textured surface offers the perfect balance between control and execution speed. With a real non-slip base that deserves the name, it won’t slip a millimeter!

Technical characteristics :

Edge lighting through adjustable RGB LEDs 14 lighting modes: 8 static and 6 dynamic Compatible with optical and laser sensor mice Rubberized, non-slip underside for better grip Plug and play – no reader required Waterproof memory function when switched off Size: average; 320 x 260 x 3 mm Weight: 199 g Mouse type: Soft Material type: Polyester fiber and natural rubber RGB lighting: Yes, 14 modes: 8 static and 6 dynamic USB 2.0 interfaces Power supply: USB connection (5 V / 100 mA) Cable length: 1.8 m cable weight: 30g Waterproof: switch off memory function

Our conclusion: The carpet keeps what it promises and does not move from the desk! It is very flexible and the controls in the game configuration are really precise like in classic use. The lighting gives the real gamer side that addicts will appreciate! (€ 32.99 in the Connected Shop)

The Hawk Claw gaming mouse with 7 buttons and RGB SUREFIRE

The SUREFIRE mouse is equipped with a responsive optical sensor with a resolution of 6400 DPI, 7 programmable buttons and full RGB-LED lighting. It’s made for the game! The colored lighting does not affect the view and improves the gaming experience enormously. With this mouse, everything can be set and saved thanks to the software supplied or downloadable here!

The Hawk Claw Gaming 7 button mouse with RGB SUREFIRE. Photo credit: Nathalie for Neozone

Thanks to its PPP setting of up to 6400, no exploration zone can withstand it: wide or slow zones, precision is always there. It can be configured according to your needs: programmable buttons, macros, recordings of speed settings and lighting effects, also thanks to the Surewire software.

Technical characteristics :

Gaming mouse 7 programmable buttons Full RGB-LED lighting Buttons and lighting adjustable via software Adjustable PPP (800/1600/2400/3200/4800/6400 PPP) 1.5 m braided cable

The system requirements for this mouse are Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac OSX 10.5 or newer, USB 3.2 Gen. 1 or USB 2.0

Dimensions W x L x H (in mm): 124 mm x 68.5 mm x 40 mm Weight: 140 grams Shape: right-handed handshake Number of buttons: 7 (programmable and macros) Resolution (DPI): 800/1600/2400 / 3200/4800/6400 (6 PPP steps) Query rate: up to 1000 Hz (4 adjustable levels: 125 Hz / 250 Hz / 500 Hz / 1000 Hz) Compatibility: PC, laptop, MAC, consoles with USB connection

Our conclusion: The mouse has no defects for us, it is really very precise and pleasant to use. In conjunction with the previous mat, the enlightened but not aggressive play environment is really very pleasant even over long periods of time. A click that knows how to be discreet but effective. (€ 25.99 in the Connected Shop)

The SUREFIRE laptop gaming cooling stand

This support is important so that you don’t have to worry about the temperature of the computer while playing! It fits PCs between 12 and 17 inches and maintains the temperature level even during long gaming sessions. It can be crucial to keep a cool head while gaming.

It’s also very effective for video playback on a PC that is a little old or heats up quickly! Investing in a cooler not only improves gaming comfort, but also extends the life of your computer.

The SUREFIRE laptop gaming cooling stand. Photo credit: Nathalie for Neozone

As for the fan speeds, these can of course be set according to your wishes thanks to the scroll wheels. Even at maximum speed, the fans are quiet (26 dBA). Absolutely stable thanks to its non-slip base, it also holds the computer thanks to two hinges that lift on the front! Slipping impossible! Finally, it is connected via an additional USB port that allows you to connect additional accessories (keyboard, mouse, etc.). The cable coils under the cooler for easy storage.

Technical characteristics

For laptops up to 17 inches cooling fans with adjustable speed to improve laptop performance Atmospheric LED backlighting – green or red Adjustable platform heights for optimal comfort Laptop with USB connection or power supply with USB 2.0 and higher (5 V / 500 mA) USB 3.2 Gen. Ports 1 or USB 2.0 Dimensions W x L x H (in mm): 408 mm x 287 mm x 29 mm Height: Adjustable – 2 positions Weight: 745 grams Number of fans: 4 Fan speed: Adjustable – up to 1200 rpm Lighting: Green or red backlight

Our verdict: A really super efficient cooler that keeps the computer temperature constant even during long gaming or viewing sessions. We always hung on the PC thermostat in front of the cooler when watching films or series, so that the PC remains in normal temperature conditions even during prolonged use. (€ 29.99 in the Connected Shop)

Product prices

Really efficient cooler

Design and color

Three products for hours of fun and really optimized gaming!

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