“We went from storming the sky to staying in government”

PNV EBB chairman Andoni Ortuzar asserted that the attitude of second vice chairman Pablo Iglesias, who called a “political maneuver” ends up “shattering governments” and criticized that all that he does is “consolidate his position”. “We have gone from storming the sky to staying in government,” he criticizes.

In an interview with El Correo, the leader of Jeltzale also states that President Pedro Sánchez does not need “the operation with Bildu in Congress, but in Navarre”.

After pointing out that the PNV does not have a loyalty problem with Sánchez, but rather “an efficiency problem”, Ortuzar says it is “a little disheartening” that the degree of respect for the agreements they have reached with the president “is not insufficient, it is very poor”.

“For us the word disloyalty has a much deeper meaning from the point of view of political betrayal. We do not feel betrayed, but we feel abandoned, ”he denounces, while denying that the PNV is“ jealous ”of the relationship between the Central Executive and EH Bildu.

According to him, the attitude of the sovereign coalition will bring out its “contradictions” in EH Bildu, since it is not possible to want to overthrow the regime by wanting to approve state budgets.

“We are negotiating on the basis of the amendments to the budgets. In the case of Bildu, it is very striking that if his political position is only the one he presented … well, my boy, that is enough disappointing. Going from the anti-system to negotiating budgets … the demands he made are not a brilliant transformation, neither in social matters, nor in national matters, which he has forgotten ”, warns- he.

Thus, he says he does not know if the situation of ETA detainees is being addressed in parallel, even if “that gives food for thought”. “They are only for their political laundering. It is possible,” he said.

On the other hand, he recognizes that what the PNV does not like are the “political maneuvers” with which vice-president Pablo Iglesias acts and believes that “this will leave wounds to the government”.

I don’t want to be outdone, but we are irreplaceable for Sánchez “

He also denies that there are any vetoes by jeltzale, but points out that although EH Bildu is a political actor with which the executive may agree, the PNV vote is “one more vote but not just any which”.

“I don’t want to be left out, but we are irreplaceable for Sánchez … because we can drag a few. Having the PNV in operation will make other necessary small parties more comfortable. We give a political cache of reliability. And Bildu in some cases generate a rejection. What has happened now is that the PSOE was afraid, “he maintains.

According to him, the PSOE wanted to make a “discreet” negotiation with Bildu in Madrid, but Pablo Iglesias had to “make it a great political event”. “And now the PSOE water has spilled from the glass. Iglesias ate the toast of Pedro Sánchez, who had to bend candles because he needs Bildu to get Navarra out. And for the record, I’m not criticizing not Iglesias for his strategy, but this type of behavior usually ends up breaking governments, ”he emphasizes.

For all this, he believes that this situation is not sustainable for four years and says that Iglesias is “aware that it is and that is why he has now taken his big step”.

“It is true that this budget gives Sánchez legislative power, but also that this government will end up with wounds. The point is that Iglesias wants to consolidate himself as one of the legs of the government for this legislature and the next,” he believes.

“From storming the skies to staying in government”

According to him, the goal of leader Podemos is to stay in power, which is why he has gone from “storming the skies to staying in government”.

“All Iglesias is doing is consolidating his position, making it unavoidable for the PSOE to have to agree with them and deepen the chasm for the deal with Citizens to be unworkable. He holds us because it doesn’t ‘has no choice, “he criticizes.

In this way, he asserts that “there must be a reaction” from Sánchez, because “a government cannot function like this because it does not give credibility”.

As far as Lomloe is concerned, he denies that concerted education is left in a complicated situation and argues that, in this case, the “Celaá law” “hardly affects”.

“Another thing is the segregation of schools by sex. But we have to move forward. It seems good to us that families have the freedom of the center but there are general principles that must be respected if they want to receive support. public money. And today we are doing it. a huge effort for gender equality, for the awareness … that at such a young age we start with segregation and pay for it with public money, because that doesn’t seem fair to me, ”he says.

Regarding the PP, he affirms that his will to be a real alternative to Sánchez must come from “this more targeted version” which he hopes to consolidate.

“It is not either that I am deluding myself and that I think that the PP will change its territorial model. But if we want to shed light on a new model which brings a solution to the Catalan question and to the Basque claims, it would be good that the PP is there, even if he had to discuss “, Express.

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