“We were offered a health passport to visit our father”

Updated: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 4:22 PM

Published on: 03.03.2021 14:34

Infantas Elena and Cristina defended themselves with a declaration for their controversial vaccination: “My sister and I came to visit our father and in order to have a health passport that would allow us to do so regularly, we were offered the possibility of being vaccinated, to which we agreed “.

In a statement released by the Infanta Elena, but on behalf of both, they assure that they were injected with the vaccine against COVID-19 for this reason: “Without this circumstance, we would have accepted the change of vaccination in Spain , when we had returned the favor “.

The UAE embassy has assured LaSexta that paying to be vaccinated in the country is illegal and that its sera are only for its nationals. This does not agree with the version of the infantas. The King Emeritus was also reportedly vaccinated.

Infanta Elena, 57, lives in Madrid, while Infanta Cristina, 55, has her residence in Geneva (Switzerland).

As revealed by “El Confidencial”, the vaccination of the King’s Sisters took place in the second week of February in the United Arab Emirates.

A fact that would not have been possible in Spain, where healthcare personnel, essential workers and people over the age of 80 are still vaccinated, and vaccination processes gain media attention after the violation of the process. by some politicians and officials during the first few weeks

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