“We will call Isabel Díaz Ayuso a module of Soto del Real”

Updated: Thursday, December 3, 2020 4:15 PM

Published on: 03.12.2020 14:31

Tense morning at the Madrid Assembly during the control session at the regional executive. It was the turn of the question of the spokesperson for Más Madrid, Mónica García, to the Minister of Finance, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, which ended with the call to order by the President of the Assembly after the deputy had suggested that he would end up putting the name of the president of the Community on a module of Soto del Real.

The disorder started when the deputy questioned the advisability of the emergency public contracts that the Community has been carrying out since the start of the pandemic.

The adviser avoided responding and replied that García “maintains his desire to see me shot”, referring to an earlier controversy over the MP’s actions.

The response caused a sensation and the President of the Assembly, Juan Trinidad, had to call the counselor to order: “I beg you here to devote yourself to the debate on the questions put to the Government or to any other initiative. “

The MEP, in her response, was very harsh “to define corruption, just take a look at what you have done in the Community”.

“We call it a hospital because calling it a well for millions, indeed, makes us wither,” insisted Garcia, who continued to assert that “what you inaugurated the day before yesterday is not a hospital is the most expensive photocall in history “.

However, the moment of the greatest tension came when the deputy slipped that the name of the current president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, could be inscribed on a module of the prison of Soto del Real.

“Mr. García Egea used to say that in fifty years we will change the name of the hospital and call it Isabel Díaz Ayuso. I would ask you to be more careful, lest what bears his name be a Soto del Real module, “said the deputy for Más Madrid, raising complaints from the popular bench and the government.

“We will try to maintain education among all and respect. Supposing that Mrs. Díaz Ayuso will appoint a Soto del Real module is not to maintain respect”, reproached the President of the Assembly.

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