we will endure a fifth wave and endanger the summer if the crowds and parties continue after the state of alarm


Publication: Monday, May 10, 2021 5:38 PM

Among the many citizens – both COVID patients and those aware of this predicament – who have condemned the footage of parties and crowds that took place shortly after the state of alarm ended are the washrooms. . Not only did they regret the situation, but they even denounced scenes as irresponsible as they were paradoxical: they recorded a bottle with a large number of people from an intensive care floor of a hospital in Madrid.

“The feelings that arise in front of these images are rage, indignation, anger … but above all a lot of worry”, explained María Mercedes López Martín, nurse in the emergency room. This is the general feeling, with a great level of fear. “We can come back, if we are not careful, to relive the worst of the pandemic with many cases of infected people,” said Julián Ezquerra, spokesperson for Union AMYTS.

In the same vein, Rafael González, spokesperson for the Workers’ Health Commissions (CCOO) in Andalusia, said: “The situation is very similar to that experienced at Christmas. It was the deadliest and most damaging of the entire pandemic. “A disaster that must be stopped. Because agglomerations of such magnitude as those which occurred in Madrid or Barcelona on May 9 cannot occur again.

“They are really threatening and suicidal because they can reintroduce us into a dynamic of intensified infections while the virus is still present and circulating and there is community transmission,” said Daniel López Acuña, epidemiologist and former director of the ‘World Health Organization. Hospitals are still full, infections continue, and intensive care units continue to be affected by the virus.

“By no means will we see that they are talking about a fifth wave, of ‘save summer.’ Either we’re all committed or, of course, we’re not going to get away with it in the short term.” This is how Víctor Aparicio, spokesperson for Necessaire Healthcare, spoke. Messages like this, or the one from Mercedes López, go to all those irresponsible people: “We are not here to celebrate anything, people get sick and die.” The risk is still there and we still cannot afford to let our guard down.

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