“We will soon have effective vaccines”

Posted: Tuesday December 1, 2020 1:31 PM

The government sends a message of hope in the fight against the coronavirus: “Soon we will have effective vaccines to emerge from the battle against the coronavirus,” spokeswoman María Jesús Montero said at the press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers. : “Spain has guaranteed access to a vaccine which will begin to be supplied from January and which will be free for citizens.”

“We are managing once again to bend the curve of the pandemic with a lot of effort and sacrifice on the part of the citizens. The levels of incidence accumulated since we declared the state of alarm, although they remain high, gradually decrease, “he announced. The Minister.

For this reason, he called for caution: “From now on, everyone must follow the indications of Health and the Autonomous Communities because what will happen in the coming days will be decisive for the coming weeks”, to stress that this Wednesday is decided the Christmas plan.

He recalled that on Monday Modern Pharmaceutical announced that it would seek authorization from the authorities to sell its vaccine in the United States and the EU. This approval could take place on December 17th.

Pfizer has also requested authorization to start marketing. “Spain has joined the agreements with Pfizer and Astrazeneca. A list to be extended” and announced that the Council of Ministers has authorized this department to adhere to the purchasing agreements signed by the European Commission.

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