“We will take advantage of the legislator to deal with this”

Posted: Sunday June 20 2021 4:04 PM

Carmen Calvo, first vice-president of the government, promised that the executive will adopt measures against the trafficking of women for the purposes of prostitution and to “protect the women of the world who sell their wombs” to the Spaniards to give them their children. “We are going to take advantage of this legislature to be ahead,” Calvo said during his speech as the winner of the María Plaza Prize, which the PSOE of Mallorca awarded to him for his promotion of the feminism of the government.

The vice-president framed in the elaboration of the principle of equality her will to “work against prostitution and against trafficking”, which is “a sacred heritage of patriarchy”, and indicated that she will promote initiatives of reception and reintegration for the whole of social Spain of prostituted women like those who take place in Mallorca.

Regarding the rejection of the so-called “surrogacy”, the first vice-president stressed that the PSOE defends “freedoms for all, not for the elites, not for those who can pay”.

Carmen Calvo dedicated the María Plaza award, which she received at a rally in the cloister of Santo Domingo de Inca, “to the memory of murdered women” and their families, who are “vilified by the far right When they deny the violence sexism. In this sense, he stressed that the right “has always wanted to overturn” the laws on gender equality promoted by socialist governments, and now “the extreme right is dragging the traditional right” into positions of denial of specific violence. against women criticized.

Thus, the vice-president encouraged her colleagues to “pull the state pact” against gender-based violence with all political forces other than the “backsliders”, whom she qualified as deniers of gender-based violence, human rights. LGTBI groups and also of a territorial diversity which “disturbs them”.

“Some think that feminism is a tweet (…), we know that feminism is done in the Official Journal”, defended Calvo, who stressed that “as long as the Socialist Party has positions of power, the legislation of the gender equality will be protected and move forward. ”

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