Weather modification in China: rain somewhere… dry somewhere: why is the world suspicious of China’s intention to control the weather? – China’s weather modification program worries other nations

Strong points:

China has controlled the weather for many years, with the help of dry rain, every year the crop is damaged due to drought, other countries worry, China should not use the army
Many countries around the world are facing the threat of climate change and many are facing the weather. At the same time, China has controlled time by taking a technological leap. In fact, China, which suffered 70% of disasters caused by hailstorms and floods, had resorted to “ artificial rain ” or artificial rain, and now other countries in the world fear that the dragon will use it to increase military strength. Has begun

What is China doing?
Controlling the weather increases the amount of rain, reduces the risk of dry forest fires and improves air quality. Thanks to this, crops located in the plains can be saved from damage caused by hail. In 1946, the General Electric Company discovered that under certain circumstances, when dry ice meets clouds, it can rain. In the United States in 1953, such clouds were made up over 10% of the area.

America also made
However, concerns began to increase when the United States began to use it on frontline forces during the Vietnam War. With the help of artificial clouds, the armies began to fight, the anti-aircraft attacks began to deteriorate. For this reason, it is understood that in order to avoid an “environmental war” on this technology, it is necessary to implement rules and in 1978 a law was also passed for this.

China’s efforts have intensified
China has increased its investment in rockets to increasingly control the weather. During the Beijing Olympics in 2008, China claimed it had stopped the rain using 1,110 rockets. In 2015, there were rain and hailstorms in 30 businesses. In 2017, $ 175 million was spent on the weather modification system to bring 10% of the rain.

Will be used in jung?
Even if China is really benefiting from it, others, especially from neighboring countries, are concerned that the manipulation of the weather due to the artificial rains could negatively impact the monsoon here. Climate change is already a major challenge. At the same time, if the effort is to win in the military confrontation with the help of the weather, many countries will also have to reflect on this apprehension.

Significantly, in recent years there have been tensions in China’s relations with many South Asian countries, including India and America-Australia. In such a situation, he has an eye on everything in China.

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