weather today at my location forecast: the US Pacific Northwest is facing a heat wave

Portland, the largest city in the state of Oregon in the United States, faces scorching heat. It was so hot in this city on Saturday that all previous records were broken. It is estimated that new heat records can also be achieved on Sunday. Meteorologists have warned that city residents could face the worst heat in history.

the mercury rises because of the heat stroke
The temperature in Portland has skyrocketed due to the heatwave. The supply of portable air conditioners and fans in stores has exceeded demand. Corona virus vaccination centers built outside hospitals have also been closed. The local government has opened cooling in several cities in Oregon. Not only that, baseball tournaments have also been canceled due to the heat.

Temperatures exceed 42 degrees in Portland
According to the US National Weather Service, the temperature in Portland reached 42.2 degrees Celsius on Saturday afternoon. The largest city in Oregon had already experienced extreme heat in 1965 and 1981. Then the temperature in that city was recorded at 41.7 degrees Celsius. Heat records are likely to be broken in other cities from eastern Washington to Portland.

Heat also set a new Seattle record
The temperature in Seattle reached 38.3 degrees Celsius on Saturday, making it the hottest day in June. For only the fourth time in Seattle’s history, the temperature has exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit. More heat is expected on Sunday and Monday, due to which many records can be broken. Seattle recorded the highest temperature of 39.4 ° C in 2009.
Record heat hits southwestern America
Meteorologists have warned that many states in the Southwest, including California, could experience record heat in the coming days. He feared that the heat of that time could even break the Death Valley temperature record in 1913. Death Valley temperatures reached 124 degrees Fahrenheit from Wednesday to Saturday. This temperature is expected to increase further in the coming days.
Electricity and water supply may be blocked due to heat
AccuWeather meteorologists said forecasters will remember this current heat wave not only for its intensity, but also for its duration. This puts pressure on the power grids and affects the water supply. Due to this scorching heat, whatever vegetation or trees and plants remain in the area, they also dry out. In such a situation, if there is a fire in the forests of California, it will be difficult to stop it.

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