Weather updates: hot weather, cyclonic storms, heavy rain and now flooding in the United States weather today

The changing weather in America has disrupted common life. While the scorching heat made life difficult for people in the southwestern states of the United States, rain from a severe cyclonic storm in the southeastern states caused flooding in many areas. In March itself, so much snow fell in many states in North America that people had to live without power for weeks.

Record heat hits southwestern America
Meteorologists have warned that many states in the southwest, including California, could experience record heat in the coming days. He feared that the heat of that time could even break the Death Valley temperature record in 1913. Death Valley temperatures reached 124 degrees Fahrenheit from Wednesday to Saturday. This temperature is expected to increase further in the coming days. An all-time record high temperature hit a record 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley in 1913 during a five-day heat wave.
Electricity and water supply may be blocked due to heat
AccuWeather meteorologists said forecasters will remember this current heat wave not only for its intensity, but also for its duration. This puts pressure on the power grids and affects the water supply. Due to this scorching heat, whatever vegetation or trees and plants remain in the area, they also dry out. In such a situation, if there is a fire in the forests of California, it will be difficult to stop it. The hot wind and dry trees and plants will spread the flames across the area in an instant.
Tips for people to avoid the sun
If the heat continues like this in California, then 4,000,000 to 5,000,000 people living in that region could be affected. Temperatures have already reached record highs across the region, including California, Arizona, Montana and Idaho, according to AccuWeather. It is said that from the end of this week the temperature could see a drop. Due to the heat, people can increase the risk of illnesses like nosebleeds, heatstroke, and heatstroke. The United States National Weather Service has issued a heat wave warning for areas along the coast of Los Angeles County.
Rain and floods wreak havoc in Southeast America
Tropical Storm Claudette brought heavy rains on Saturday in coastal areas of the southeastern United States, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, increasing the risk of flash floods and potentially tornadoes throughout the swampy region. from the south-east. According to the National Hurricane Center, it got very strong on Saturday at 4 a.m. and three hours later it was north of the city, during which winds were gusting up to 72 kilometers per hour, after which it moved northeast.
Heavy rains are still expected in many areas
According to meteorologists, 12 to 25 cm of rain can occur in the region due to the storm, while remote areas can receive up to 38 cm of rain. He said the cloud could intensify into tropical pressure by Sunday morning as it moved towards Georgia and Carolina. According to a forecast from the National Hurricane Center, the storm moving north of the Gulf of Mexico is expected to reach inland areas by Saturday. Due to the storm there is a possibility of rain of up to 25cm in parts of the Gulf Coast and up to 38cm in some areas.

Cars stranded on submerged roads
Glenn Branen, an employee of a disaster management agency for Mobile County in Alabama, said someone had reported damage to a fishing spot on Dauphin Island, but there had been no victim. Brannan said early on Saturday the streets were full of water. Slideley Police said in a Facebook post that some low lying areas were still flooded and couldn’t even be reached by vehicles. A lot of people’s cars are stuck in the water and we have to get them out.

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