Web development training, an essential element in reducing the digital skills gap

Web development training, an essential element in reducing the digital skills gap

This is one of the great challenges that exist today in the Spanish labor market where, despite the fact that there are 58,000 vacancies available in web development, there are few qualified professionals to fill them.

Aulab develops digital talent through Hackademy, an intensive bootcamp where students can learn web development using the most innovative programming languages, in 3 months. To achieve this, the company has designed a course with live online lessons and hands-on exercises that equip students with the skills most in demand by technology companies.

From Aulab, he specifies that “so far, we have carried out more than 30 editions of Hackademy, which means that we have trained more than 700 students who have become full-stack web developers”.

The Hackademy programming course offered by Aulab is aimed at anyone interested in working in new technologies, whether or not they have previous computer knowledge or experience. The program is for those looking for a change in their professional life that allows them to qualify quickly in an industry with high personnel demands, and is also suitable for tech enthusiasts who are looking for a structured course with a learning methodology that allows them to give a professional meaning to their passion.

In the Hackademy course, students learn frontend development to create pages and websites in HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as backend development, via PHP with the Laravel framework, and the use of SQL databases. In addition, the course includes learning agile methodologies and a goal-oriented programming system, to create modern and efficient web applications.

Programming bootcamps are an innovative way to get started in software development because, unlike university courses, they provide all the basic technical knowledge to start a career as a software developer in no time.

The first coding bootcamps were launched in the United States in 2013 to quickly meet the growing demand for web developers in the job market. To achieve this, bootcamps identify the most important concepts in programming and merge them with the set of skills a programmer needs to work as a team, ”they explain from Aulab.

Full-stack developer, the most popular program on bootcamps

Bootcamps are common when preparing full-stack developers, the professional who handles the frontend and backend development of a website. It is not surprising if we take into account that the online world is the key to any business: to become a full-stack developer, it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of programming languages ​​to deal with from the frontend and backend of each site in the best possible way. Web. These skills can be acquired by following the intensive Hackademy courses with theory lessons in the morning given by teachers and practical exercises in the afternoon with the constant support of tutors. At the end of the bootcamp, students will be able to start their professional career as web developers, a profile in high demand in the Spanish job market.

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