WeChat: Chinese social media platform WeChat New list violations: WeChat releases new restriction list for Chinese social media users

China’s largest social media platform, WeChat, has released a new list of general rules. It was said that if a user shared a pinpointing video it would be immediately deleted, considering it to be a violation of the rule. Not only that, videos and photos of small children hitting each other on the back have also been banned.

Wechat imposed new restrictions under pressure from the government
Over a billion people use WeChat worldwide. It is also considered the most popular social messaging app in China. In recent times, there have been numerous allegations that this app promotes obscenity and violence in China. The Chinese Communist government has made a big investment in Tencent Holding Limited, the company that created this app. Thus, this platform has published a list of restrictions to improve its image.

Communist Party dissatisfied with WeChat’s chain tool
WeChat launched the channel tool last year. Through it, users are streaming live and other users are watching them as well. Chinese government officials see this tool as a way to promote political activity in the country and spread obscenity. In such a situation, Tencent had no choice but to increase monitoring of its social media platform.

List of more than 70 released sanctions
In the list of sanctions published by this Chinese social media platform, more than 70 common violations were mentioned. For example, slapping children on the back and sticking fingers up their noses will now be prohibited. WeChat is a major communication medium for millions of Chinese living abroad. They keep in touch with their families in China through this app, as other platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google are banned there.

WeChat was banned by India and the United States last year
Last year, India banned many Chinese social media platforms after the violent clash with China in Ladakh. WeChat was also on the restriction list. Immediately after that, then-US President Donald Trump banned WeChat in his country as well. He alleged that China was spying on the American people through his app.

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