Weight Loss Device: For the first time in the world, scientists have developed a ‘conditional treatment’ for weight loss, people will not be able to eat even if they want to – the world’s first weight loss device. world for the control of the dental slimming diet developed by researchers university of otago

There is good news for those troubled by increasing weight. Scientists have created a weight loss device with magnets attached to it. By applying this, a person is not able to open his mouth very much and therefore he is not able to eat solid things. In a way, the human mouth is completely locked. It is said to be the first device of its kind in the world.

To fight obesity around the world, a team of researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand and the UK created this device based on magnets. Its name is the DentalSlim diet control device which is applied to the upper and lower part of the tooth with the help of a dentist. It uses magnets equipped with specially designed locking bolts.

Lost 6.36 kg in two weeks
Once the device is placed in the mouth, this person will only be able to open their mouth by 2 mm. This will allow him to eat only liquids. Once this device made of magnet is installed, a person will be able to speak and breathe easily. During the trial, patients who were fitted with this device lost 6.36 kg in just two weeks.

Magnet weight loss device

These people are very happy with this method of weight loss and are now pursuing it. Lead researcher Professor Paul Brunton said the device would be very effective, safe and accessible to anyone battling obesity. This device can be installed with the help of a dentist and that person can easily remove it in an emergency.

65 million people are obese
This device can be installed and removed multiple times. He said that people are not able to control their diet, so their obesity is not reduced. Eating can be controlled using a device made up of magnets. About two billion people around the world are overweight. At the same time, 65 million people are victims of obesity.

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