WellWo Live Streams Online Physical Activity and Mindfulness Courses for Business Integration

WellWo Live Streams Online Physical Activity and Mindfulness Courses for Business Integration

WellWo’s new service meets the needs of businesses, betting on improving the quality of life of employees. It aims to fight against sedentary lifestyle in the world of work, which involves so many health problems, threatening productivity and leading to absenteeism at work.

Professionals from a wide variety of disciplines provide daily 45-minute lessons so that employees can get in shape from the location of their choice. If the workers cannot attend the class, they will be able to watch it offline from their healthy platform.

Hiit, Pilates, TBC, Yoga, Dance Tone, Abs, Toning or Step sessions, among others. And, since emotional health is directly linked to physical health, they include mindfulness classes to help manage feelings like stress and anxiety.

The direct offers the possibility of asking questions, to the professionals who teach the session, through a chat that starts at the beginning of the course, until the end of it. Chat is a communication tool that shortens distances, bringing teachers and students closer together, wherever they are.

Many companies have contracted external sports centers for their workers and, due to the pandemic problem, they have been forced to suspend physical activity. The incorporation of the new WellWo service represents an online and personalized solution for all companies to have their own gym with continuous activity.

Orlando Prez, CEO of WellWo, “We seek to promote workplace health, which includes physical activity for employees outside of work. For this reason, we want to put in place direct tools allowing everyone to practice a physical activity, whatever the personal situation of each one ”.

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