WellWo’s healthy platform includes sleep hygiene as essential for overall employee health

WellWo’s healthy platform includes sleep hygiene as essential for overall employee health

Restful sleep is necessary for the health and performance of workers and, for this reason, WellWo includes audiovisual content on sleep hygiene in its vitality doses to promote the creation of healthy habits for good rest.

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 29 June 2021

Sleeping poorly or not enough, influences concentration, attention, mood and, over time, can lead to depression, anxiety, weakened immune system and, consequently, infections and / or diseases, as well as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, or obesity. As a result, it affects the sphere of work and the social sphere, causing problems which can be serious.

WellWo’s workplace health and well-being platform promotes healthy lifestyles so that companies and their employees benefit from overall health. It does this by addressing the four essential pillars of global health: physical, nutritional, emotional and environmental health. And, since it is important to take care of all these pillars in order to lead a healthy life, the quality of sleep is added in the section of physical health.

Every day, employees receive one-minute audiovisual material, called doses of vitality, on themes based on the four areas of health promoted by the platform. These doses promote, in a didactic way, the advice and information necessary to assimilate, day after day, healthy habits. Among these doses, the worker will receive those related to sleep hygiene.

These audiovisual capsules provide recommendations to put into practice in your personal life, which allows you to ensure quality, effective and restorative sleep that promotes adequate rest for the body. Because, if employees sleep well, they will feel better physically and mentally and, in turn, will be better prepared for the job they are doing.

In the words of Orlando Prez, CEO of the company, “integrating simple and useful tools for workers’ sleep hygiene is betting on reducing absenteeism and health problems. This translates into healthier employees and reduced sick leave spending for companies ”.

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