Whale appears behind photos of boats: Photos of whales on the back of a boat in the Mexican Sea

Adventure seekers once dreamed of seeing the whale up close with their eyes. A group of these people had reached the San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico to watch whales. Meanwhile, people in the boat were waiting for the whale to appear in the front. But then this giant hunter was standing right behind his boat with his head above the water. They saw this rare sight after people on the boat in the back screamed.

people looking in front of the boat
According to the DailyMail report, those people in a boat were looking in the opposite direction to see the whale that had disappeared in the water a short time ago. Meanwhile, most people were sitting ready to snap a photo of this rare event by focusing their camera lens forward. But, this whale didn’t come out in front and came right behind the boat.

This incident was seen in photos taken from another ship
Photos taken from another ship show a huge humpback whale almost standing with its head just behind the sightseeing boat. At that point, we see the people on the front boat waiting for this creature to come out in front. When the people on the boat behind made noise and asked them to see this view. Then they turned and saw this whale so close.

The whale disappeared after turning behind the people
Less than half a second after these people roamed, this whale again disappeared in the water. The photos show a woman standing on a boat raising her arms in the air in celebration, while other onlookers sit with their mouths open in wonder and click their cameras. The photos of these tourists and whales leaving the boat were taken by director and photographer Eric J. Smith.

What happened to the photographer?
The 49-year-old photographer told DailyMail that the whale slowly raised its head out of the water to look around. This creature did all of this so slowly that people who were waiting to see it on the nearby boat didn’t even notice it. I was in another boat a few feet away and captured the moment on camera. When the people on the boat in front of her looked back, she disappeared into the water.

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