Whale vomiting in Thailand: Thai woman finds crores of whale vomit

In Thailand, a woman was not confident when a “treasure” of nearly two crore was discovered near her home. At first glance, no one wants to see this treasure because in reality it is the vomit-ambergris of the rock that has recovered. However, its price is extremely high, so that the happiness of the woman did not remain due to obtaining this “floating gold”. It is also smuggled into many parts of the world. In India, too, the cost of a kilo of velvet is in crores.

Price in crores
A few days ago, Siriporn was walking near Niamarin beach where he saw this rock thing. When she passed, it smelled like fish. She took it with her and her neighbors also saw it. Then it was discovered that it was actually Vel’s vomit. The cost of this 12 inch wide, 24 inch long rock is around 1.91 crore. When Niamarin burned this stone, it melted and then froze as it cooled. Now she is waiting for the experts who can confirm it.

How is a rock formed?
Ambergris is a solid flammable element similar to wax. It is light gray or black in color. It is found well in the intestines of semen. Inside the water, well fish eat a lot of these creatures that have sharp beaks and shells. Ambergris is important to avoid injuring the inside of the well when eating them. To remove it, several times the smugglers kill the well, which is already included in the endangered creatures.
Why is it so expensive?
It is used in the perfume industry. The alcohol it contains is used to make expensive branded perfumes. With the help of this, the smell of perfume can be maintained for a long time. For this reason, its price is extremely high. Even scientists have called it floating gold. In Thailand, the fisherman who obtained this coin was offered 25 crore rupees by the trader to prove that the quality is good.

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