What and how can it help you boost your business

SEO strategy is essential for most small and medium businesses today. SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization) are techniques and tools that improve the positioning of a website in search engines.

We all do daily research on the internet and we know how it works: most likely, if it’s not on the first page, we won’t even know the web exists. Therefore, for companies, it is important to position their website among the first responses offered by the search engine. In this way, we will get more visibility of our website.

Now, while there are a series of common tools and ‘tips’, every website requires a differentiated SEO strategy. For this reason, there are specialized agencies, like this SEO Barcelona agency, with professionals specifically trained to improve the positioning of a website.

Keys to international SEO

For example, a blog with legal content does not require the same actions as the website of an electronic components company whose main market is international. This is why there are “international SEO” tools and techniques that can optimize a website or blog in target countries. To achieve international positioning, the strategy will be different from local or national SEO: the language may be different, the competition may be different …

Creating an international SEO strategy is essential if your goal is to internationalize the business. Professionals like those at Teva Web can help you with the international SEO optimization process, but there are some things you need to be clear about:

Check that you have the “minimum”: the texts must be in the target language and SEO optimized with the usual characteristics: links, URL attributes, keywords … After all, Google still likes the same thing. Study the target audience: it may be a different audience than in the country of origin. Do not forget to analyze the reference search engine, the level of Internet access, the most used devices or the language used in the target country. For example, language is very important in finding the keywords that will help you rank. A word related to your business can be used a lot in Spain, but not in other languages. A word can even be used a lot in Spain, but not in Latin America. Study the competition: The competition in your target country may be very different from what you have locally or nationally. To find SEO opportunities, you need to know the strategy of your competition, they are where they are. Adapt content: An international website doesn’t have to be a simple translation of the website into Spanish. Customers or potential readers in a certain country may have other interests. If you want the web to work, you have to know them. Adopt a coherent web structure: this implies adopting a domain strategy. You will need to decide if separate websites are right for you or make them all depend on a parent website with different subdomains. If you go for different domains, it is better to host the websites in local hosting, which will ensure faster loading speed.

These are a few factors that can help you with your international SEO strategy, although it is always advisable to bring in the professionals to optimize the results.

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