what are chasms: Kaise Bante hain hain

Some people in Mexico were frightened by the sound of a sudden storm. When I got out, I didn’t see a sky, the ground was torn. A pit 200 wide and 50 feet deep formed before his eyes. Its bottom was filled with water. Not only that, it seemed to grow slowly. After all, what are sinkholes and how do they suddenly happen?

How are chasms formed?
Sinkholes are common in places where there is limestone, carbonate rocks, salt beds, or rocks that dissolve due to the circulation of groundwater. The dissolution of the rock creates space at the bottom.

Source: Land subsidence in the United States, USGS

What is dangerous is that the earth above them remains intact throughout this process and the empty space below expands. When it gets too big and can’t support the ground above, then it collapses. Because of this, sinkholes can be formed anytime, anywhere.

Sinks can range from a few feet to several acres. They can range from one to over 100 feet deep. Some are quite large but shallow and some are quite small but deep. Some are filled with water.

300ft pit found in the middle of the field everyone is afraid to see!

danger of human activities
Along with urbanization, many types of sinkholes began to form on the basis of land use. Due to the pumping of groundwater for city water supply or irrigation and construction works, the soil below becomes hollow. They are also formed by changing the natural paths of water. Many times, by creating a pond to fill the water, the load of the new material becomes such that the earth is submerged.

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