What are employees asking for and what solutions do companies have? We analyze it in the TV show ‘Coffee Break’

Work-life balance: what are employees asking for and what solutions do companies offer? We analyze it in the TV show ‘Coffee Break’

We’re coming back one more Monday with a new episode of the ‘Coffee Break’ TV show! If for the rest of the year, conciliation has become one of the battle horses between workers and managers of people whom they hastened to manage, now all this is valued and the mission of human resources is to trying to make the life of its workers a little better. easier, for the benefit of the employees themselves and the company itself. And it is this, the notion of flexibility and conciliation, that we will be talking about this week in a new television program ‘Coffee break’.

Hace unos aos, los conceptos e flexibilidad laboral y conciliacin apenas se contemplata en las organizaciones, sin embargo, a da de hoy, aunque nos queda an un largo camino por recorrer en Espaa, es cierto que las empresas se afanan por aportar mayores facilidades a the workers. To see how we have evolved in this area, this week we took ‘A coffee with …’ the great professional and mother, Rosana Fernndez, HR director and expert in people management. With her we will analyze how this affects, how being a mother is handled with jobs as stressful and frantic as the ones we have today, how we can combine these two lives from her own experience and what reconciliation issues currently exist. in businesses and how they can help you overcome them

Various studies confirm that the flexibility of work has become the preferred weapon of employees and companies when it comes to providing solutions and facilities to reconcile professional and private life. But is this the key solution? Will this be the definitive answer to all conciliation problems? This week we analyze it in ‘Coffee Break’ by Roberto Martnez, director of Fundacin Msfamilia.

To top it off, like every week, we will analyze all the work in progress in the world of work and we will know the opinion of our viewers through the section ‘On the radar’, announcing the question of the week and reviewing the most commented on social networks.

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