What are the HR trends for 2021?

The pandemic marked a before and after in all areas of society. In the HR field, the transformation was marked by the necessary digital transformation. Teleworking has established itself as a means of continuing activity in many sectors and with it, a new way of working. From Grupo SPEC, the trends that will prevail in this new year are detailed

BY RRHH Digital, 01:40 – 26 December 2020

The crisis caused by the coronavirus has led to a real revolution in the field of HR. Many of these trends are here to stay. Others are settling in with the arrival of the new year. What is clear is that by 2021, the way we work will have changed forever. Grupo SPEC, a Spanish technology company specializing in time and access control solutions, leader in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, analyzes the trends in the field of human resources that will mark this new year.

Telecommuting and what it brings

Something that many companies had not even considered before, is now almost normal: telecommuting. Indeed, according to an analysis by Sodexo, 63% of companies believe that more remote jobs will be created or that there will be a conversion of traditional jobs into remote jobs due to the health crisis. Teleworking is a modality that involves a series of work methods that are essential, such as work by objectives, work flexibility, reconciliation …

It should be borne in mind that the Time Control Act is also applicable to teleworking. This is why companies that have not yet adapted should continue to do so in 2021, both with digital time recording tools and with the more traditional ones. From Grupo SPEC it is said that many companies, adapting telework urgently, have not sketched out how to control the hours of their employees and others have relaxed in this regard. However, companies are still obliged to record hours and the lack of means or the technical impossibility of knowing where the worker is at all times is no excuse.

Liquid work

One of the new concepts which emerged after the pandemic and which, little by little, is taking shape and establishing itself, is the so-called “liquid labor”. As Grupo SPEC points out, “liquid labor” is a term coined by Accenture and involves using a variety of different resources (internal and external) to meet the needs of the business, adjusting these resources according to changing needs. needs. In this context of pandemic, in which companies have had to adapt, “liquid” companies are those which have been able to transform and evolve through digitization, flexibility and mobility.

4 day shift

In recent days we have heard how the viability of the four-day team in Spain has been put on the table of the Ministry of Labor. With the onset of the pandemic, many voices were raised in favor of this new modality of the day. Even in Spain there was already a pioneer company, DELSOL, which implemented it in January without affecting workers’ wages. The benefits of this type of working day are numerous, such as increased productivity or better health of workers.

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