What are the most in-demand soft skills in recruiting processes?


What are the most in-demand soft skills in recruiting processes?

Teamwork, fostering a growth mindset, creativity or commitment, are some of the skills most in demand by HR in recruiting processes

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 am – February 08, 2021

The job market as well as the way we interact in our work has changed completely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, not only by implementing telework in a widespread way, but also the skills that companies are looking for when it comes to telecommuting. hiring new employees. Moreover, everything indicates that these changes will remain, at least, still a few years. For this reason, IEBS Business School, the leading digital business school for online training, indicates which skills are most in demand in 2021 for recruitment processes:

Resistance In a situation like the present one, where uncertainty is the order of the day, it is necessary to be able to adapt to adverse situations and to remain strong, patient and calm in a crisis environment. Critical thinking. Thinking critically allows for new ideas, which are essential in times of crisis. In addition, it makes us more analytical, investigative, curious and helps to better solve problems. Commitment. Organizations are looking for employees who are committed to the mission and vision of the company, as well as capable of achieving the proposed objectives. This means greater motivation, focus, quality of work and, therefore, productivity. Flexibility. In times of uncertainty, workers need sufficient flexibility to adapt to times of change, adopt new working methods, use new tools and accept changes that may occur in the structure of the company. Teamwork. With the rise of teleworking, it is necessary to demonstrate the ability to collaborate with teammates, for example by explaining the task-sharing or communication tools that you used for this. Growth mindset. It’s about having a mindset of constant development. Someone willing to take on new challenges and with a vision for the future. It is also known as a growth mindset. Constant and independent learning. Along with the constant focus on learning, it’s important to have the ability to learn new technologies, programs, and systems so that businesses see that you can adapt easily. Creativity. Creativity encompasses not only the artistic ability to create from the start, but to see beyond what is in front of us. This implies having the ability to step out of the comfort zone to bet on innovative concepts or challenges. Data-driven decision making. Data analytics and Big Data in general have become essential skills for digital companies. This knowledge allows you to recognize which opportunities are most appropriate to invest or not to invest resources, in addition to drawing the most effective conclusions. Digital skills. Digital skills and abilities range from being able to make a video call or be 100% productive remotely, to quickly learning how to use new digital tools or programs. Companies are looking for proactive collaborators in increasing these skills and perfectly adapted.

“The rise of telework has completely changed the way we think about the world of work, as well as the skills recruiters look for among new employees,” explains Oscar Fuente, director and founder of IEBS. “The great challenges posed by the current situation have created the need for workers with digital skills, which have become as important as the digital transformation of businesses itself. This driving role of change is a fundamental element of business strategy in such an uncertain context. and changing environment, ”he adds.

In this sense, IEBS Business School has a program adapted to these characteristics, the MBA in Digital Transformation, designed to give its participants confidence in terms of change management and decision-making in uncertain environments, as well as to consolidate digital skills and competences. necessary to effectively cope with the current labor market situation.

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