What are the most requested areas?

The demand for temporary work is increasing by up to 50% in some sectors: what are the most requested areas?

Education, health, IT, digital and finance are the areas where more temporary profiles are requested

BY RRHHDigital, 14:45 – 03 November 2020

The interest in resuming activity in companies causes an increase in the demand for temporary work. In addition, given the proximity of the end of the year for many companies, this trend could increase in the coming weeks.

Page Personnel, Spain’s leader in specialized temporary work and the direct selection of middle managers and qualified support staff, points out from internal data that since the start of the Covid-19 crisis in March there has been an increase significant number of requests for temporary positions, particularly in the education (50%), health (35%), finance (30%), IT (28%) and digital sectors (20%).

The talent needs resulting from the pandemic we are going through explain the above figures, as well as the most requested profiles. These include customer service positions in healthcare, high school teachers with knowledge of English in education, administrative and payroll management profiles in the workplace, IT and digital professionals who help businesses cope with telecommuting and controllers. financiers and credit controllers in Finance.

“The Covid-19 crisis has only accelerated a trend that was already brewing: the increase in temporary employment. Knowing that flexibility and adaptation will be two of the keys to the future of the labor market, temporary work appears to be a perfect formula for strengthening the human capital of companies and making it evolve according to their specific needs, at the same time. that costs are under control. On the other hand, it is important to note that temporary work also responds to the priorities of the new generations, who are more willing to make professional changes on a regular basis ”, says María Victoria Sánchez, Senior Director of Page Personnel.

Data from Page Personnel also indicates other sectors whose demand for temporary work has been affected by the current situation, such as retail, hospitality and tourism. The explanation for this decrease is mainly based on figures for the summer season which are lower than those of previous years.

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