What are the most requested professional profiles for digital transformation in companies?

What are the most requested professional profiles for digital transformation in companies?

The digital transformation of companies is a necessary transition for the future of the national economy. To be able to achieve this, it is necessary to have profiles with a strong component of scientific, mathematical, technological and engineering knowledge (STEM, for its acronym in English) which promote internal projects to promote this development.

This is the main conclusion of the masterclass “Current challenges for STEM professionals”, organized by IQS Executive Education on June 2 and given by Dr Ricard Masip, IQS professor and director of RM Consulting with more than 20 years of experience in as a consultant in strategic consulting projects in HR, Management Development and Transformation.

“Although STEM is a concept created in the 90s, new trends now force it to be reclaimed to manage external talent and completely rethink current business models. The growth of digitization, e-commerce and robotization processes means that these profiles have become essential, ”explained Masip.

Faced with this demand from companies, Masip underlined the importance in these professionals of high technical knowledge, but also of social skills, such as high work in multicultural and diverse teams, flexibility when working on projects and collaboration. in open business ecosystems; as well as more creative skills.

Greater demand in companies, less supply in university centers

The increased demand for STEM profiles in the labor market contrasts with the decrease in the supply of training in these disciplines in university centers. However, Masip stressed that demand will continue to grow at a rate of 150,000 jobs per year this decade.

This dissonance leads companies to face serious difficulties in finding and hiring expert workers in STEM, as this lack of training is coupled with the few managerial skills necessary they have to drive the digital transformation of a point. from a strategic point of view.

“Companies no longer need to simply fill technical positions. While these positions still exist and need to be filled, the need for STEM profiles responds to a new economy in which these workers need to be prepared at a level of training, but they also need to be prepared to lead larger teams and projects. span. They are professionals who are asked to integrate much more into the strategy and the development of the company, ”assured Masip.

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