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the essentials At its WWDC conference for developers, Apple presented the new features of IOS 15, which will be released in September.

Like every year, the giant Apple has presented a new version of its mobile iOS operation. The iPhone manufacturer therefore presented the IOS 15 on June 7th at the opening of WWDC, which will be used in September with the expected release of the iPhone 13.

A background blur for FaceTime

The big change is in the FaceTime app. After more than a year of pandemic, containment, and teleworking, Apple has focused on its audio and video calling tool. The voices are reorganized in the room according to the representation of the participants on the screen and at the same time the ambient noise is isolated.

Video conferencing will also be possible with links to send like with Zoom or Google Meet.

Participants can be shown in squares of the same size. It will also be possible to apply a background blur to protect your privacy.

It will also be possible to play a shared playlist and watch a full video or movie at the same time.

The iMessage application is also evolving. You can pin a message for later viewing, or choose how to display a range of photos you have sent.

A “concentration mode” that is only disturbed by what is important to you

The notifications are rearranged with a summary that shows you the most important and relevant notifications for you.

Do not disturb mode is improved. You can tell iMessage to be offline when you turn on Do Not Disturb mode. And to stay more and more concentrated, the mode … “Concentration” appears. The user can take action to only receive notifications for a number of predefined applications.

iCloud, plan, weather forecast … new functions.

On the ICloud page, the user can name a person of trust who will receive a code if the password is lost. The free iCloud + service encrypts all Internet traffic.

The weather forecast and the plan application change their design and see new small functions with more detailed maps and 3D.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, your iPhone can, for example, recognize text on a photo and extract information from it.

Rest assured, IOS 15 is compatible with Iphones 6 up to the latest models.

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