What are the professional opportunities of human resources and how to access them?

What are the professional opportunities of human resources and how to access them?

Implementing a process for selecting personnel to join the workforce is essential for project functions and the company, employees, workers and collaborators to achieve their desired goals. A task that is the responsibility of the human resources department, an essential part for the success of a business. Being part of the adventure of knowing how to lead and manage the talents of human capital is an attractive option more and more in demand and, consequently, with more professional opportunities. There are many and wide variety of training opportunities in this field: masters, courses, bachelor’s or postgraduate degrees in human resources, according to Otonauta.

What educational areas to choose for HR training?

HR training guarantees learning and mastery of strategies that allow them to know how to evolve in the current work and business environment and, above all to run a business, follow the appropriate path towards achieving their goals. and ensure that the human capital of the company in question is satisfied with its role. Knowledge and proficiency in areas such as strategic people direction, decision management, well-being at work and adequate health in a professional environment, as well as talent management and managerial skills, are essential in any master’s program in human resources. The study plans for these courses revolve around topics such as economics, law, sociology, psychology, business administration and labor relations, the content of which is periodically reviewed and updated to meet to the latest market demands. The new roles of the employee, the effective use of tools such as LinkedIn and other social networks, the issues of reconciliation or the management of change and diversity are just a few examples of the knowledge acquired in the HR masters, which include of course external practices.

Key professional areas and skills

In addition, a human resources professional must master the processes and techniques for finding and selecting personnel, training, professional promotion within the company, as well as carrying out administrative procedures and actions aimed at risk prevention. professionals. For this, it is important to have good interpersonal and communication skills, necessary for resolving conflicts and starting conversations with workers; as well as some computer skills, statistical and financial knowledge.

HR Technician, HR Partner … All job opportunities in the department

Among the master’s programs in human resources, those currently offered in Spain by ESIC, UNED, UOC, UCM and UNIR stand out. Training which allows to perform the functions of Talent Manager Director, HR Department Management, HR Technician, HR Business Partner, HR Consultant, Head of Talent Management, Head of the Labor Department, Head of the Social Responsibility, or Responsible for the compensation and benefits department, among others. Professional profiles accessible both in companies that act as consultants in the field of personnel management, as well as in large companies or from the position of expert coach in the job selection process

Human Resources salaries in Spain, according to data collected by the Indeed and Glassdoor platforms, can reach 50,000 euros per year in managerial positions, while the industry average is around 1,790 euros per month.

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