What are the skills most in demand by businesses?

The challenge of new professional profiles: what are the skills most in demand by companies?

Without a doubt, the digital maturity of workers is what has, in turn, made the digital transformation of businesses possible. Those who already had a business strategy based on using technology as the main tool were able to retrain the work profile of their employees, providing them with the appropriate digital skills to be able to continue the development of their usual business. However, many others, who had not invested in the digitization of their system, had to recruit new talent in the face of limited supply in the labor sector in the face of the high demand index.

In order to stay at the forefront of developments in the sector, companies have had to take up major challenges that require an acceleration in digitization, including that of their workforce. In addition, new professions are emerging, which require very specific specialized profiles. And others, for their part, are experiencing exponential growth, such as those belonging to the E-Commerce sector which, according to a Prestashop study, will integrate more than 80% of new employees into its workforce in 2021.

The pandemic marked a before and after in consumer habits and the way people relate to brands. A new culture has been created which involves a simple rule: “if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist”. Given this reality, it is not surprising that in the first half of 2021, companies’ search for digital profiles is experiencing a “boom”.

Taking this context into account, Selligent, leader in marketing automation that allows B2C brands to communicate with their consumers, has defined the most projected digital profiles for the coming months:

Digital project manager. In an age when everything has gone digital, creating business opportunities through good marketing campaigns has become the preferred strategy for companies to reach their potential customers. Thus, this professional profile leads digital projects by ensuring that they meet the objectives of the company, by creating jobs or maintaining existing ones; build a relationship with customers. Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Many companies have had to jump on the digitalization bandwagon in unexpected ways. This has made the conversion process flawed on many occasions. With the aim of digitally transforming businesses, the Chief Digital Officer emerges. It is very important not to confuse this role with that of the digital marketing manager. The CDO focuses on the integration of digital tools in different areas of the company to increase its productivity and profitability. AI specialist. Artificial intelligence has become a valuable tool for companies engaged in innovation in their various fields. A complex digital tool that needs a highly qualified professional who knows how to manage properly in an environment filled with large volumes of information. The world of digital marketing also knows how to take advantage of the benefits that AI brings to digital campaigns. Essentially, developing smart marketing platforms that harness the power of data and AI to help brands and marketing departments make the most of all their ‘moments’, transparently and through all channels. Customer success specialist. Brands want to get closer to the consumer by placing them at the center of all their commercial strategies. The Customer Success Specialist will be in charge of maintaining contact with customers and taking charge of the relationship so that it fits into the dynamics of the business and can make the most of the product or service purchased.

“In recent months, changes in the workplace have created new needs for businesses. Digitization has been the main way to adapt to this new context. On the other hand, the way to reach the consumer has been limited and tied to the online world. How could it be otherwise, the most requested profiles are those involved in the digital world; especially marketing specialists, who are gaining ground compared to more traditional technological profiles ”, underlines Rafa Romero, Sales Director of Selligent Spain. “However, new profiles have emerged requiring increased specialization, so that many companies are turning to professional retraining in order to meet demand and give continuity and new challenges to their workforce,” he adds. he.

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