What are the Spanish favorite home office furniture?

From work at home: what are the favorite home office furniture of the Spanish?

It’s been a year since one of the biggest workplace shocks of recent years: the emergence of telecommuting. A change whose consequences have also extended to the field of decoration. And it is that with the arrival of work at home, the Spaniards were forced to adapt a space at home to make it their office. Levira Home, the commercial division specializing in office furniture for the home of Levira International, analyzes the evolution and trends of this type of furniture over the last twelve months.

Desks and chairs, the most popular in the first few weeks

The health emergency came so prematurely that the vast majority of people did not even have an office to carry out their work. In the early days, many even used the dining room table for this. However, over time, and by noticing the problems that poor posture at work can generate, the demand for desks and operating chairs began, the most popular furniture in the beginning. Specifically, Levira Home’s website saw exponential growth in the sale of desks and chairs during the early days of detention. The flagship product par excellence, being the best-selling tables both on the Levira Home website and in the markets, among which Amazon stands out, are the Kost table and the Wye table with over 15,000 units sold.

Like office tables, chairs were also among the most sought after. The need for a comfortable seat to work for hours on end has led many teleworkers to seek out a task chair. The Miño chair by Levira Home was the main protagonist of this section.

Decorative elements to improve the working environment at home

As the year progressed and with the certainty that telecommuting had come to stay, many users expanded their needs to make these workspaces more comfortable. “Furniture such as planters played a special role in the second half of the year. At first, users chose to cover the basic needs of a desk and chair, but over time they switched to functional furniture and design elements to make spaces for work at home. more welcoming house, ”says Paula Belén González, CEO of Levira International.

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