what are they and how to train

21 key digital skills to boost employability in September: what they are and how to train

AICAD Business School promotes the 21 digital skills for employability, in September 2021, with the commitment to break the digital divide that SMEs and workers must adapt to market normality.

The European Union is clear that the Internet is the DNA of digital transformation because it offers companies the resilience necessary to emerge from the crisis and generate employability. For this reason, and guided by the European Digital Skills Framework for Citizens, better known as DigComp, AICAD has created a series of courses specially designed to improve the digital skills of young people, which will serve as a strategic and necessary tool for access to quality employment.

Digital skills and competences are a valuable opportunity which, on the one hand, enables all workers, and especially the youngest, to enter the labor market. And on the other hand, that companies generate employment in the search for qualified personnel capable of using digital tools and software in an optimized way who, in accordance with technological advances, can adopt innovative ways of doing business. Which means improved productivity and reduced costs.

The challenge is to expand, update, train and improve practical knowledge in digital strategy, cybersecurity, information management, digital communication, remote leadership and team management, customer service, cloud computing, etc., in order to to achieve continuous professional development in the 5 areas established by the European Framework and which are:

Information and data education Communication and collaboration Digital content creation Security Troubleshooting

Digital skills are the key to strengthening financial decision-making capacities and, at the same time, innovation and access to a new era of relationships based on corporate solidarity networks, which enhance professional prestige by as an enclave to conceive employment and open the future to young people who will be the new entrepreneurs.

At Aicad Business School, these young professionals of the future can find a good internship agreement, which has a carefully planned route with the most important companies and organizations at international level.

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