What are Windows 10 Experience Packs? What are they for?

Yesterday, late at night, Microsoft introduced us to the experience packs. Yes, we have seen them in the past but we did not know their usefulness. The first Experience Pack is now coming to the Windows Insider Program Beta channel.

The benefits of experience packs

From Microsoft, they already argue that the Windows Feature Experience Pack, its full name, will improve certain experiences and functions regardless of the operating system. In other words, some features are unrelated to updating the system.

This is one of the things they have been working on for a long time and it represents a major change. It will not be necessary to receive a major system update, with the risks that this entails. On the one hand, this makes it possible to have new independent functionalities for updating the entire operating system. And on the other hand, it allows Windows 10 engineers to work on the system and optimize it without thinking about other areas.

For now, testing is starting in the Insiders of the Beta Channel. This could allow us to see an increase in experience packs at the expense of builds and could increase the rate of updates. It sounds promising, but we haven’t seen how it works and if it works among users yet.

It looks like Microsoft is leading the way for Sun Valley. This could in the future allow modifications of the operating system in a simpler way or have a modular system. Meanwhile, the system could be optimized in different areas.

In theory, the ‘Pack will grow to encapsulate more than just the screen clip, text input host, and index UI. Ultimately, we can see updates to parts of Windows that traditionally took a year to wait. No action is required on our part.

In the future, Windows Shell could work on improvements independent of the rest of the operating system. Offer a total renovation without affecting the functioning of the system.

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