What aspects do German workers consider essential when looking for a job?

“It is essential that German applicants are sure that the company cares about them and that it is worth the risk of changing jobs”

What aspects do German workers consider essential when looking for a job?

Recently at Servitalent, as Talentor Spain, they had the opportunity to collaborate in a close and pleasant way with one of their partners in the Talentor International headhunter network, Talentor Germany. Together they had a relaxed conversation with Gerhard Stahler, CEO of Talentor Germany, able to ask him a few questions about the success of the executive search process in which both parties are involved.

Q. What are the most important factors that a foreign company should take into account when looking for talent in Germany?

There is a big difference if you are a Spanish start-up or if you are a company already established in the international market, because of course the strategies to which they have to resort are different.

First of all, you have to consider that for typical Germans the most important thing at the start of a contract is to follow the laws and regulations, followed by the connection or relationship between the two parties. This means that in Spain they are more used to establishing the personal relationship first, then the formal part, unlike what is commonly used in Germany.

It is also important to understand German candidates culturally, they are generally risk averse, they tend to spend a lot of time in the same company or in an economically and professionally secure environment, they are very analytical / As when considering a change of employment opportunity, foreign companies must offer them a reliable opportunity with an option for professional growth, in addition to expecting an annual salary increase.

What can you share with us from your personal experience working with Spanish companies or the talent search process in Spain for German companies?

As a board member of the official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Germany for 8 years, and current associate member of it, I have had the opportunity to work with many Spanish companies, learning that the business situation should not be generalized as a whole in Spain, because it is a country with many regions and customs. It is also a different experience if you are working with a family or international business. The behavior of the two is very varied, but it is important, in any case, to make sure that the company is clear that the market situation for companies in Germany and Spain is different. Headhunters are advised to analyze how the client company reacts in their local market and whether conditions, especially wages, are acceptable in the German market (in my case), so that the selection process can be completed.

Q. And about the most requested positions in the German market, what can you tell us?

In Germany, technical engineering jobs are in high demand and demand, allowing applicants to have a high level of negotiation regarding salaries and constant job change if the opportunity is right.

Jobs in the IT sector are very competitive and those in the R&D sector are not easy to find in Germany, so depending on the sector and the direction of the company, they will be the easiest positions to find.

In the German market communication skills are very important, an acceptable level of English is required. I had the opposite case in Spain, of a German candidate hired in a company in Barcelona who spoke neither Catalan nor Spanish, in fact he had not worked abroad, but they were looking for him to speak German from mother tongue and for its specific high skills. for the job, so communication skills took precedence.

Q. What are the most notable differences when working with Spanish companies? Did you identify any differences in the executive search process you did with us?

In the process that we are leading together, I can say that being an international company highly recognized in its sector with knowledge in this type of process, the experience has been very cooperative. The company showed us its full support from the start, listened to our hiring recommendations and was open to negotiating the candidate’s salary, which is very important.

One of the most important suggestions I made to the CEO of the Spanish company was that they contact the candidate directly, explaining the opportunity they had for him, showing his interest in his candidacy, because for the candidates. German candidates it is very important to make sure that the company cares about them and that it is worth the risk of changing jobs. While it is true that German applicants love professionalism in selection processes, they also seek to have that personal corporate touch.

Q. How was the experience of working with us Servitalent (Talentor Span) within the International Talentor network?

I really appreciated the close communication and the bond we created between the two collaborators. I really appreciated that Servitalent supporting my recommendations and passing them on to the client, showing them my point of view as if it were from a Spanish point of view, convincing the client with the best suggestions and ideas. that’s better., talk about her ”.

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