What aspects must be taken into account for remote working to be successful?

What aspects must be taken into account for remote working to be successful?

Remote work is here to stay. However, both companies and workers need to take into account certain considerations in order for remote working or teleworking to develop successfully.

Tania Muñoz, senior lawyer in the field of new technologies and data protection, explains that when adopting telework, companies must approve company policies on data protection and information security. These policies must address the specifics of this type of work. For example, the company will need to ensure that its employees know the procedures for detecting and reporting security incidents.

Companies must also guarantee the management programs and tools they use on a daily basis. This software must comply with data protection regulations.

Likewise, the company will have to make an inventory of the hardware and software it makes available to its employees and will not be able to force workers to install management programs on their personal computers.

Considerations for Employees

As for the employee, he must comply with all the established rules. The company will take care of your observation to ensure that the instructions and recommendations are followed. Staff must comply with personal data policies, confidential information and technical security measures that have been approved within the company.

In case workers are allowed to use personal computers on a daily basis, they will never be able to use applications that are not allowed to share information. In fact, all staff must sign a confidentiality agreement. The staff will also have to commit on paper to carry out their tasks, respecting all the commitments made with the company.

We must not forget that the use of technological tools at work has been essential throughout the pandemic. Thanks to technology, many companies have been able to maintain their activity. This is what made us perceive the need to regulate the particularities of teleworking in companies.

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