What day are the elections in the Community of Madrid?

Posted: Saturday May 1, 2021 9:00 PM

On March 10, the current president of the community Isabel Díaz Ayuso announced the call for early elections in Madrid caused by the motion of censure agreed between the citizens and the PSOE of the region and the municipal council of Murcia.

Despite the initial disorder on whether or not the elections were to be held, the Assembly ultimately did not appeal to the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM). Therefore, despite the fact that they should have been held in 2023, Madrid and Madrid will return to the polls next Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

According to the INE, it is estimated that a total of 5,112,658 citizens will participate in these elections in Madrid, of which 329,130 ​​reside abroad. In addition, the Community of Madrid has put in place health measures for May 4. Among them, the recommendation to citizens to provide time slots for the most vulnerable groups or to encourage postal voting stands out. You can see here all the measures of the Madrid executive to guarantee security against COVID-19 during these elections.

Polls give Díaz Ayuso’s PP as the winner

According to the first part of the special laSexta barometer, the next elections in Madrid would have a clear winner: Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The number 1 of the People’s Party would get enough seats (56) to govern with the support of Vox (14 seats), for a total of 73 seats. In this way, he would authorize the right to govern in Madrid, after having exceeded 69 seats by absolute majority, and would revalidate the presidency of Ayuso.

Likewise, the second most voted political formation by the people of Madrid would be the PSOE of Ángel Gabilondo, with 38 deputies in the region, insufficient for the left to obtain the seats necessary for a majority. In contrast, Más Madrid would get 15 seats, surpassing the 10 that would be drawn by United We. Citizens, on the other hand, would not have representation in the Assembly.

On the other hand, the first barometer of the CEI of the election day of May 4 predicts a technical equality between the PP and Vox and the left bloc, with 68 deputies each.

The popular would win with 39.2% of the vote, doubling the current parliamentarians and reaching 59 seats. On the other hand, Angel Gabilondo’s PSOE would be the second force with 25.3% of the support of the people of Madrid and adding 39 deputies against 38 currently. Behind them would be the formation led by Mónica García, Más Madrid, who would remain with the current 20 seats, obtaining 14.8% of the total vote.

Ciudadanos, which in the last elections won 26 seats, would not exceed 5% of the vote and, therefore, would not obtain representation in the Assembly. Who would do it would be Vox, led by Rocío Monasterio, who would lose 3 deputies and remain with 9. On the other hand, the candidacy of Pablo Iglesias, United We Can, would reach 10 seats after 8.7% of the votes of the electorate.

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