What do employees value most about a company?

Telecommuting, health insurance and more vacations. These are the benefits that a company’s employees value the most, according to the results of the first Covid Perception19 survey, prepared by More than Research for digital health insurer Alan.

The majority of respondents (29%) mainly appreciate the possibility of teleworking in their company. By gender, it is women who take it into account the most, in 31.4% of cases, against 26.5% of men. The 18 to 44 age group stands out mainly at 58.6%.

Behind teleworking lies the possibility of having private insurance. A

25.2% affirm that this would be an incentive to better promote their company. On this occasion, 26.9% of men mentioned the desire to have private insurance, against 23.6% of women.

Third, the most appreciated is the possibility of increasing vacation days, which is a priority in 16.7% of cases.

On the other hand, workers also appreciate, although in 11.2% of cases, the fact that the company finances, part of the total, the material needed to work from home, i.e. supplies. and office equipment. Computer personnel such as computers, printers or paper for administrative or office work.

In addition to this, direct aids in sport and psychotherapy are also included in the ranking. In this sense, 9.3% want there to be help to practice sport. All this without forgetting the demand for psychotherapy, valued at 8.5%, either via a professional from the company, or by financing part or all of the psychotherapy to better cope with the pandemic.

Whatever workers want, 62.5% admit that their company doesn’t offer any of these incentives and that teleworking is the measure companies most often offer their workers, according to one-fifth of respondents.

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