“What do you mean by co-governance, send and we comply?”

Publication: Thursday April 29, 2021 8:30 p.m.

Not all autonomous communities agree with the government’s decision not to extend the state of alarm, a measure that ends on May 9. And the Basque Country, with a cumulative incidence that exceeds 500 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants in the past 14 days, cried out at the lack of tools to now apply restrictions on its territory. The lehendakari himself, Íñigo Urkullu, personally asked Pedro Sánchez to keep him for a few more months.

Faced with the refusal, PNV MP Joseba Agirretxea addressed Health Minister Carolina Darias: “What do you mean by governance, do I command and do you obey? What tools will the CCAA have that will need them? Do you know “perfectly what legal corpus the communities have. They cannot ignore us like this, ”he cracked at the Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies.

The minister replied that her government “is not unfair with an autonomous community and less with its group, with which we want to continue to go hand in hand”. And while he acknowledged that the same measure could be approved by a judge in one region and rejected by another judge in another territory, he again stressed that “we cannot continue on high alert. indefinite”.

However, Agirretxea asserts that the minister “has not given any reason which justifies that it is not necessary to prolong the state of alarm”, which is why he considers that not to do so is “irresponsible”. In this sense, the deputy recalls when the government asked for the support of parliamentarians on alert, and the PNV supported it. “Yes, we have been faithful and when asked, for purely health reasons, they turned a deaf ear,” accused the deputy.

The PNV insisted that “there is no statute of autonomy which limits certain rights that a state of alert does, such as mobility”. The situation in his community, he argues, is not enough to relax the measures or to be left to the “discretion of the judges on duty”. And in this, the minister wished that “there is a legal unification”.

However, the argument advanced by the executive is precisely that the autonomies are endowed with sufficient legal tools to decree measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic. And to this, they add that the situation is improving and the vaccination rate is good.

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