What does it mean to have water on the moon?

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With the claim of the discovery of water on the lunar surface, a lot of questions have arisen, now NASA scientists will put scientists say that the discovery of water on the moon to collect more related information to space, Gateway scientists believe more intensive space exploration The discovery of water may prove to be a godsend
Many questions have arisen with the assertion of the discovery of water on the lunar surface. For example, how much water on the moon is fit for human use, or how efficient will the human population settle with the discovery of water on the moon. NASA scientists will now find answers to these questions. Scientists say the discovery of water on the moon is a gateway to gathering more space-related information, while also raising hope for living in space.

Scientists believe that the discovery of water may prove to be a boon for more intensive exploration of space. Currently, to go into space, astronauts must carry all resources, including food and water.

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Is water on the moon good for humans or not?
If the water found on the moon is found to be suitable for human use, it will be of great help to astronauts. They have to transport small amounts of water for their mission. Instead, it will be able to transport other necessary equipment into space.

How did water form on the moon without the atmosphere?
Astronomical scientist Cassie Hannibal, who led research on water on the moon, says that without the presence of a dense atmosphere like Earth, it is amazing to find water in the moonlight zone. This means that there is a force on the moon that originates water and keeps it there. In addition to this, there will also be many questions, the answers to which will be found in the subsequent process.

How did the water come to the moon?
According to the study report published in the latest issue of Nature Astronomy, data from the moon water discovery zone yielded water at concentrations of 100 to 412 parts per million. In comparison, the amount of water discovered on the lunar surface is 100 times less than that of the Sahara Desert in Africa. Although in small amounts, the discovery raises questions about how the water got to the lunar surface. Also how it stays in the harsh and atmospheric atmosphere of the moon.

You will get answers to questions before mission 2024
NASA is set to send the first woman and the second man to the moon as part of the Artemis 2024 program. NASA hopes to get more information on the water resources on the moon before this mission. The agency expects a permanent human population to settle on the moon by the end of this decade.

Water found in the southern hemisphere
Explain that the discovery of water on the moon was made by NASA’s Stratosphere Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (Sophia). Sophia has detected water molecules (H2O) in the Clavius ​​crater, one of the largest pits in the southern hemisphere of the Moon and visible from Earth. According to NASA, during the latest tests, the presence of hydrogen was revealed on the lunar surface, but the hydroxyl (OH) content, necessary for the formation of hydrogen and water, could not be resolved. .

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