What does the Communication and Digital Marketing Manager do in a Human Resources company?

What does the Communication and Digital Marketing Manager do in a Human Resources company?

Communication and Marketing are two completely vast worlds, with many approaches, specializations and daily challenges. Usually when we think of communication we think of what’s done in online and offline media, and when we think of digital marketing we think of social media management, but it goes a lot further!

In addition, generally, this type of task tends to be outsourced or outsourced in many companies by independent or independent agencies and experts. But what if the company has someone responsible for one or even both of these tasks?

The Communication and Marketing Manager is the one who is in charge of communication and the management of corporate marketing in the company, he is the one who manages the day-to-day management of the visual image of the brand, of the form (visual and textual) that the brand it addresses or communicates with its target audience, down to the way to reach it (the strategies or channels it will use). Without forgetting the essential support in internal communication with the team. This is a good summary of the general role of a person in charge of these areas in the company. This is a person who must meet a certain technical profile, as they must have knowledge of specific platforms and software such as design and marketing, but must also have the necessary skills for this position, such as interpersonal relationships, innovation, leadership and planning. , among others.

And what does the case of a communications and digital marketing manager in a Human Resources company mean? Human resources companies, like Servitalent, need a person responsible for these areas, who has internal and external orientation. In other words, it focuses on the internal communication of the company (with the team, collaborators or partners) and on its external communication (with clients and candidates interested in employment opportunities, etc.) . The two orientations are extremely important because it is through the management of the internal communication of the company that a brand becomes more HUMAN thanks to the support of the team; and it is through external communication that the company will be able to present its VALUE PROPOSAL to interested parties, in the most professional and closest possible manner.

Although the head of communication and digital marketing, is not an HR expert, he will be the one who will know when and how to send information of interest to people looking for a new job opportunity, to people who do not have a job, managers / HR experts who need help with talent issues in their business, CEOs who need advice on running business management, and many ‘other cases that a company specializing in talent management can take care of.

Customer orientation and results orientation are the key to this position because being an HR company, it must be VERY clear that it will be PEOPLE oriented, thus achieving the results of conversion and obtaining leads, being a fundamental element in the development of the company strategy and the link between the company and the professionals or client companies.

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