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Posted: Saturday March 13, 2021 7:02 AM

In the week when everything broke loose, during which domestic politics once again took an unexpected turn, during which the news overlapped, the great protagonist, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, clarified two things.

That the strategy must be fine-tuned to the millimeter, with no room for interpretation, otherwise the case may end in court. And also, also, that the message is everything. Your ideas, your values, your assumptions of today will convince the voter of tomorrow.

This is why Ayuso and the People’s Party of Madrid may not have taken a single newscast to say exactly what they wanted to know. Whether that, in their eyes, concerns them or Sánchez. And that they cannot be “stolen by the government through the back door.” Even less the decision to go to the polls.

This melody sounds like an old acquaintance, like a communication in true Trump style. But it’s like that? Do the president of the Community of Madrid and the former American president have something in common when it comes to placing their speeches – not their policies -? laSexta is interviewing political communication experts to see what it looks like. And, of course, it brings reminiscences from across the pond.

Polarizing games

“There are similarities with Trump’s speech: above all the constant influence that everything is black or white”, greeted Luis Arroyo, political consultant and president of the organization Asesores de Comunicación Pública. “It is evident from Ayuso’s speech in particular, that in reality it has to be referred to the speech of Aznar and Aguirre. She has many aspects of the populist discourse on the right and on the left.”

For example, a button: the slogan that the president adopted in those first moments after the autonomous escabechina. “Socialism or freedom” is his motto, adopted by the whole party. “This is an obvious example. It is like when the left appeals to the people or to power. It is a discourse that takes root in a large part of the population, who in this way sees everything clearly. “There are no nuances. It’s a polarizing, extreme game,” says Arroyo.

According to Enrique Cocero, political consultant and leader of the 7-50 strategy, in this pun, everything is locked up. “Now is the time for slogans.” Socialism or freedom “resonates with Cuban” Socialism or death “, but this one is nicer”, laughs the specialist. “She came in very strong with a slogan that permeated, which hit quite well. And which dominated in the issue of slogans since 2019 was the PSOE.”

Trumpism “pure and simple”

The truth is, in his eyes, “how malicious this particular one is, because when you get into a dilemma and this is socialism, or you’re with me [por Ayuso] or with them, “says Cocero.” This is the embodiment of bipartisanship. We come back to the old confrontation, socialism is them and freedom is me, with all those who want to join me. The slogan is the sublimation of the decomposition of Cs and the shadow in Vox “.

Some may think that this is nothing new. That Ayuso did not come to revolutionize anything. And he’s right. “Populist discourse is not invented by Trump, it goes from Berlusconi. Just what Ayuso is doing is manual: trying to perversely simplify reality by showing only two options, when there are many more, and condition your position with this type of approach ”, asks Pedro Marfil, professor at Camilo José Cela University and member of the board of directors of the Association for Political Communication (ACOP).

“They are trying to discredit or demonize the concept of socialism, whereas in Spain it has always been very accepted,” said Marfil. “It’s outright Trumpism. He is the quintessential populist reference now, but this speech is very similar to that of Pablo Iglesias at the time, still with false dichotomies. And now Ayuso adjusts to piñón: the trivialization of the concept of socialism, the overestimation of the concept of freedom, which is a misleading concept, because, is the concept he proposes individual or social? Is this your freedom or is it everyone’s freedom? “asks the expert.

Courage and re-election

But this is not a sign that the President of the Community will do well at the polls if the elections finally take place. “It’s a sharp, harsh tone. It’s a language that permeates a lot, also on the left. She took the tag off the coward right. If there is anyone who isn’t a coward, it’s Ayuso, nobody can blame her for that, ”said Luis Stream.

Although there is something to complain about. At least, as far as he communicates. A rejection of collectivism, represented by socialism or communism. A kind of courage, direct communication. These are classic concepts of populism, experts point out.

It must be remembered that Trump is the first American president to lose his re-election since Jimmy Carter in 1981. “It is not a panacea,” warns Arroyo. Although “the classical hawks of the PP and Pablo Casado himself are in this speech. They adopt it because Vox comes with great force. She is pushed to send these messages.”

Change of focus and paradigm

However, there is a nuance. Enrique Cocero explains it: in the United States, “the axis on which the presidential campaign turned is Trump or not Trump: although it is not formally, the election was considered a referendum, a plebiscite. Not here.”

“The alternative is: either these gentlemen, the PSOE with Sánchez, or the rest, it is better to be under my umbrella. The axis on which the slogans move are different, because if we had to buy it one by one this would be Ayuso or the rest. But no, it moves the axis: either those or the rest, “Cocero goes deeper. And in this movement can be the knot.

For Pedro Marfil, what Ayuso hides is “an adaptation of the independence discourse but in Madrid”. “He insisted on the victimization of the Madrilenian, as mistreated. He insisted a lot on trying to pass himself off as a victim. In Spain, he is super-typical of the separatists. In Madrid, there had never been a generation of her own identity, or an attempt. The Madrilenian is not from Madrid, she comes from everywhere. It is very complex to generate this identity, she made attempts in this regard. It was something new and that she tried to promote.

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