“What historic ridiculous wouldn’t a government do?”

Emiliano García-Page has again accused the possibility of pardoning the prisoners of the trials, after Pedro Sánchez affirmed yesterday, when questioned on this issue, that his government “from the beginning did not hide its intentions” and “bet clearly on the reunion “in Catalonia.

“What responsibility would we assume in front of Spain and in front of the people if tomorrow we forgive them and the day after tomorrow the same separatists who returned by the same path?”, Affirmed the president of Castilla-La Mancha on Antena 3. “How ridiculous would it not be a government or a party? ”he insisted.

In the opinion of the socialist leader, the pardons are “totally groped from the political point of view”. “It is the opposite of what one expects from a figure of grace, which is not funny for me, from a right of pardon already high in the nineteenth century”, he said. .

García-Page also criticized the fact that “the rhetoric of pardons” is hoisted on the eve of the elections in Catalonia next February. “Regarding the pardons, I would be totally mindful and totally agree with Junqueras,” he said, recalling how the leader of the ERC “came to say” that they put forgiveness wherever it sees fit “”.

“All this seems absolutely absurd to me”, lamented the Castilian president-La Mancha: “Some accused, accused and condemned, who do not want a pardon, are forced to a pardon … I find it strange”, has t -He underlines. “I sincerely hope that this proposal will not go ahead, it is my wish for 2021, because I do not think that this is the solution either,” he said.

PP criticisms

Meanwhile, the PP also attacked on Wednesday against possible pardons to the independence leaders. Its parliamentary spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, affirmed in Onda Cero that “they are the phantom toll that Sánchez is ready to pay to the separatists for their votes and to stay in Moncloa”.

When asked if she thought these pardons would finally be produced, Gamarra said that “you never know” what will happen to Sánchez because “he is still lying”, but believes that “he is able to forgive. and more”.

For his part, his party’s Deputy Secretary for Communication, Pablo Montesinos, claimed in Telecinco that the fact that Sánchez “hints at” the possibility of forgiveness is “a scandal and a humiliation” for the Spaniards and confirmed that , if this step, the PP will appeal to the Supreme.

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