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Posted: Wednesday July 07, 2021 1:44 PM

The possibility of Conil de la Frontera closing its perimeter at the height of the tourist season is keeping hoteliers, hoteliers and travelers in suspense. There are many clients who, with a vacation reservation in this municipality of Cadiz, call the accommodations to find out what they can do in the event of confinement. Do they have the right of withdrawal? Reimbursed? A tourist voucher?

The truth is that the decision has not been made but, according to the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users), the law is clear. They explain that the reimbursement is guaranteed for reasons related to the coronavirus. Thus “in the event that the closure of the perimeter limits your movements”, you have the right to:

Reimbursement of the ticket for the means of transport contracted for the trip Reimbursement of sums paid for accommodation Reimbursement of sums paid for any other activity contracted (excursions, shows, etc.).

They ask to apply other measures instead of “closing”

The incidence in the municipality a few days ago exceeded 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Today in particular it stands at 1,058.2 (yesterday it was 1,045). However, the mayor of Conil de la Frontera Juan Manuel Bermúdez wanted to underline an important fact. “The incidence rate is based on the 23,000 inhabitants identified by Conil, but there have been peaks in visitors, especially on weekends, around 70,000 people, and this incidence rate has nothing to do with to do with the number of people who are taking advantage of Conil right now, ”he told Canal Sur in a statement.

Thus, he asks the Junta de Andalucía to take “other measures before a perimeter closure” because the current context “has nothing to do with that of six months ago”, and added that “the closure would be chaotic for Conil “because” right now there are thousands of people working “after” the whole pandemic. “

These statements come precisely after it has already been decided to extend the coronavirus containment measures in force in the autonomous community on a proposal from the Regional Public Health Committee and after the images of the weekend with young people partying bragging not to respect the security measures.

Precisely on these images, the mayor of Conil underlined that “they attract attention because of the injustice and the lack of respect of certain young people, who are in the minority”. what is important, but education and respect “.

Also this morning, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Minister of Tourism Juan Marín stressed that in making the decision to close the coastal municipality on the perimeter, “not only” the “high incidence rate it can to have “is taken into account, but also other factors such as” the services that we can offer to all the citizens of this health district, not only in Conil “.

In this regard, Marín indicated that “the province of Cádiz currently offers good conditions in terms of occupancy of intensive care beds and hospitals”, and “enhanced support for health personnel who travel to these dates to the health centers on the coast as usual “in summer. In any case, Marín concluded that “it will be the health authority of the province of Cadiz, of the provincial delegation” of the Council, “which will establish whether or not it is finally necessary to close the perimeter of the city” in Cadiz.

The concern of hoteliers

The representative of the tourist cooperative ‘Conil Hospeda’, Antonio Sánchez, affirmed that they were with “the uncertainty of what could happen”. For his part, he wanted to send all customers a message of “tranquility” and stressed that Conil is “a safe destination”, and stressed that “we cannot demonize a city which exponentially multiplies its population in summer by a group of 50 young “.

“All the hotels in Conil have emergency plans activated and are a safe destination, moreover the beaches are measured at 200,000 people with a guaranteed safe distance, which is why Conil is a safe destination”, a- he concluded.

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